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Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/19/2016 --In addition to providing a wealth of private transportation services, ranging from drivers, chauffeurs, and even aerial transport services, Transekur also provides Executive Protection Services for VIPs, high-profile executives, and celebrities traveling to and from the Dominican Republic.

Although the Dominican Republic is a beautiful country, attracting many visitors and tourists, it is also a dangerous and violent region; therefore, Transekur offers Executive Protection Services in order to provide the utmost security and safety to high-profile travelers.

About Transekur
Transekur is a company that provides private transportation services and Executive Protection Services in the Dominican Republic at flat fees and rates. Transekur's base rates include a private chauffeur, bilingual drivers, personal armed and unarmed security and bodyguards who are available 24/7 or on an as needed basis. Executive Protection Services are highly recommended for VIPs, executives, and celebrities who want to visit the country but with the safety and protection of security personnel.

Part of the mission behind Transekur is to provide supreme protection and service up to the highest quality standards. Team members who join the Transekur family make a pledge to provide this standard of service to every client without any exceptions.

Transekur Executive Protection Services in the Dominican Republic. With the rise in crime and violence in the Dominican Republic, protecting travelers and visitors is a priority. Transekur stepped up to the challenge by entering an agreement with a company to offer executive protection services and a range of private transportation services throughout the country.

The associates on the Transekur team are highly trained armed and unarmed security professionals, many with military experience and extensive private protection expertise. The Transekur associates and security professionals are experienced and are well trained in the following areas:

- VIP / Celebrity protection
- Executive and / or government protection
- Unarmed combat
- Weapons disarming
- First aid
- Defensive / Offensive driving
- Risk assessment
- Dispute resolution
- Anti-Terrorism

Transekur security professionals and associates are also required to participate in and attend continuous training throughout the year in order to better serve and protect clients. This commitment is another reason why Transekur remains to be the leading executive protection services firm in the Dominican Republic.

Furthermore, the Executive Protection Services by Transekur have been used by over 100 multinational corporations, diplomats, politicians, artists and celebrities. In addition to the line of premium vehicle fleet, ranging from limo services to aerial transport services, Transekur offers a number of services tailored to each client's transportation and protection needs in the country.

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For more information on executive protection services in the Dominican Republic, a detailed executive protection and transportation proposal, or for more detailed information on air and/ or ground transportation to and from or within the country, Email or call us today. Be sure to also follow us on Twitter at @Transekurdr.