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Travelers Rejoice over Triumphant Return of Comfort

The Wollip Premium Travel Neck Pillow was recently restocked at Amazon and is only available through that source. The pillow was designed specifically to be comfortable, anatomically supportive, a snap to clean and durable when traveling. The unique embroidered emblem denotes a traveler of distinction.


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/16/2016 --This is something that the travel community has been missing for a long time. It's more than just a yearning for the days of yesteryear when you were served real meals on airlines, when cruise tickets actually included your drinks or when cars could seat more than two adults comfortably. This is comfort. The snuggle down, carefree, 'don't you dare ask me to move' comfort that we used to get before there was stress and strain and no room to move about.

As the designer and the creator of the Wollip Premium Travel Neck Pillow for airplanes, Sigrid McNab knew that there were some things that she couldn't do. She couldn't make airline wait times shorter or produce more legroom in economy class, or make car seats more accommodating. She couldn't even get the cruise industry to reform their sneaky tab tacking ways. But what she could do was make each and every one of us a lot more comfortable when we decide to go from here to there.

"We are passionate about traveling in comfort." explains Sigrid McNab. "Other travel pillows that I, and others had previously used were uncomfortable to use, difficult or impossible to wash, had no elastic strap and did not provide proper neck support. When we designed The Wollip, we took all of these factors into consideration. By using our premium neck pillow, you will be comfortable, supported and arrive feeling refreshed."

How comfortable is the Wollip Premium Travel Neck Pillow? Here's an example. One woman wrote to say that is was so comfortable it is her favorite pillow to have in her sofa chair as she reclines watching TV! Think about that. A travel neck pillow that supports the head so well it's prefered to all other pillows. Imagine what it would feel like to have that kind of comfort on a plane or in a car or on a commuter train or bus.

Well now travelers can. After selling out of the first run in what seemed like a heartbeat Sigrid has made sure that the Wollip airplane pillow is well stocked on Amazon's shelves. This premium neck pillow is only available through Amazon and the fact that it was sold out so rapidly speaks to its popularity in value and comfort. Don't miss the chance to find out what true travel comfort is all about.

To find out more information about Sigrid McNab and her new travel pillow, visit directly.

Abut The Wollip
The Wollip travel brand was initially designed and created by a group of enthusiastic travelers that wanted to address and eliminate some of the challenges and discomforts faced by travelers all around the world today. To that end, The Wollip travel brand is committed to making travel a comfortable and rewarding experience for everyone regardless of the mode of transport.

Sigrid McNab
Founder and CEO

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