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Treasure Hunting Website Launches Exclusive Memberships, Offers Discounts


Washington, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/03/2020 --Treasures in America, an online resource for treasure hunting equipment, guides, and information, has recently announced their membership program. Passionate about treasure hunting, Treasures in America sets themselves apart from competitors by offering their customers an exclusive membership that includes discounts, added resources, and counseling from treasure hunting experts.

Treasures in America is committed to providing the best in treasure hunting equipment and customer service for their members. Their membership offers more than just product discounts, but a lifestyle and a life-long hobby. Treasures in America has spent over 20 years doing research for further education and building contacts within the industry, becoming the leading expert on treasure hunting.

The membership offers an 8-12% discount on products. Treasures in America is the only treasure hunting equipment retailer offering this kind of discount, making the membership a great deal for the prices alone. The access to further information, resources, and access to special customer service attention is an even larger draw. Unlike other retailers, TIA continues their relationship with customers after they make a purchase, offering mentoring, further training, resources, social media groups, and more.

"We're passionate about helping customers to not only find the best gear for their needs, but to also help guide them in the right direction to find their passion (and treasure!)" Tim from TIA says, "We answer phone calls, emails, and listen to our customers to help them find the right gear and then make the most of their purchase. Treasure hunting is our passion, so we love sharing our knowledge with our customers."

Learn more about memberships with Treasures in America online and check out their metal detector inventory here:

About Treasures in America
Treasures in America is an online store for treasure hunting and metal detecting equipment. They offer gear like metal detectors, prospecting tools, other treasure hunting gear, maps, books, and more. Treasures in America also provides online resources for treasure hunters, from guides to maps on lost riches and more. TIA is passionate about treasure hunting and lost history, creating an online community for like-minded treasure hunting enthusiasts.