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TREELION Officially Launches App: Creating "Decentralized" Green World


Singapore, Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/16/2020 --Today , TREELION launches its environmentally-focused blockchain app to speed up the development of a green economy, and tackle issues such as climate change and global warming.

The app, which has been developed by the TREELION Foundation uses a combination of big data and blockchain technology to create a "decentralized" world for dedicated users to participate in sustainability-focused activities, such as tree planting, to help reduce pollution and fight climate change.


The TREELION app uses blockchain technology to standardize green products in its public on-chain system. The app allows the transparent tracing of production, sales and delivery of green products, giving consumers and investors access to real-time information.

The app is also breaking new ground, as it launches the TREELION Seed Pencil. This pilot product allows users to buy seed pencils in app, which they can then use to grow their own plants and trees. Users can scan the details on each seed pencils' barcode using the app, allowing TREELION to monitor the growth of new plants.

The sale of each pencil is contributed towards Elion's desert management project, which has tracked desertification globally for 30 years.

When users scan their seed pencil code they receive a generous green point reward. These points can be collected and can be used to take part in prize draws. Points can also be earn by daily check-ins with the app, inviting friends, and participating in select TREELION activities.

Public welfare

Green points can also be donated to tree planting projects and ecological and environmental protection projects too.

Through the TREELION APP, direct donations to tree planting projects and ecological environmental protection projects can be tracked and realized, with each donation traceable and transparent, thanks to blockchain.

Mr. Plato Yip, Secretary General of TREELION Foundation and CEO of TREELION, said: "Blockchain" technology can solve the dilemma of traditional public welfare credibility and lack of transparency. We hope to rebuild public trust in charitable causes.

"In future updates to the app, we will add a green digital asset trading platform, focus on forest games, virtual tree planting experiences and add many other functions. We will also introduce more green products and other public welfare funds on the TREELION APP."


The TREELION APP also provides users with multi-currency, cross-chain cryptocurrency wallets, which can safely store their encrypted assets through biological identification and encryption, for example touch identification and facial recognition. The app also lets you learn about the latest news and developments from the TREELION Foundation and community.

TREELION builds a green digital platform using a combination of ecological big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence. TREELION APP creatively explores multiple channels of participation, consolidates the strength of global green communities already in existence, promotes the benefits of green behavior to individuals, conveys the beauty of public welfare undertakings, empowers corporate social responsibility, and will soon open a new chapter of environmental protection.

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