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Trevor the Trashman Releases Music Video for Single "Genius Penius"


West Hollyood, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/21/2013 --After debuting his ridiculously outrageous single “Genius Penius” last week, Trevor the Trashman has announced the release of the track’s official music video. The triple threat rapper/producer/DJ delivers yet another glance inside of his crude humor and unapologetic style.

Produced and edited by director/videographer Jude Appleby for 119 Productions, the video was shot in Trevor’s hometown of Chicago. It features Pimp Jong ILL, a long-time collaborator, concealed in an overly absurd costume lurking about in the shadows of a possible love interest.

"I'm in love with this music video. The good folks at 119 teamed up with me to create a cartoon fantasyland that matches the playfulness and humor of the song,” says Trevor. “We have a man in a giant costume. Need I say more?"

One-half of a two part music video series, Genius Penius tells the story of a girl who seemingly does not appreciate the things her boyfriend has done for her. As the video unfolds - it’s clear she’s not concerned with him, and he’s grown tired of her attitude.

In his lyrics he raps, "I told her how to hold her fork I showed her how to order kobe beef and how to eat it, how to mingle in a crowd of leaders." As he goes about scolding her in the video, he later realizes he’s been overreacting the whole time. The conclusion of the video hints at Trevor the Trashman’s next single, “Spring in My Step”, off his upcoming album “Hell Yeah I Want It All” which is to be released this winter.

About Trevor the Trashman
Born and raised in Chicago, Trevor the Trashman began writing rhymes at the age of 12. In high school he met fellow classmate Benny Nice and began recording songs in his basement, under the name Philosopher Stone. Eventually The Wiggidies Crew was formed. With 8 core members and frequent guests, they recorded hundreds of songs from 2004-2008.

Since then Trevor the Trashman has relocated from Chicago to Brooklyn. In May of 2012, he released The Classical Movement mixtape. The mixtape features 10 songs, and included guest appearances from SmR, upcoming singer, ARiNN ALDO, and former Wiggidies crew member Pimp Jong ILL. With production credits going to Benny Nice, SmR, and Trevor the Trashman himself.

Trevor’s upcoming album (TBA, winter 2013) showcases his maturity as an artist. For this album Trevor worked extensively with established producers like Asap Mob’s P on The Boards, Nate Fox, Milo, The Vamp, and Roca Beats to cultivate a unique sound that allows him to shine lyrically.

Official website: www.trashmanmusic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/trevorthetrashman
Twitter: www.twitter.com/trevortrashman