TriboTEX Named Winner of Defense Innovation Award 2017


Pullman, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/26/2017 --TriboTEX is a company that reverses wear with smart nanomaterials applied as fuel or oil additive. TriboTEX is proud to announce the Defense Innovation Award at Technology Acceleration Challenge 2017. Earlier this year, TriboTEX received the National Innovation Award at TechConnect.

TriboTEX nanotechnology sales campaign has begun at Kickstarter and followed on Indiegogo reaching over $500,000 in sales for gasoline engine market. TriboTEX manufactures a nanomaterial that reduces friction and reverses wear in engines by creating a self-regulating diamond-like carbon coating during engine operation from smart nanomaterial. Using TriboTEX will increase engine performance, reduces fuel consumption, prolongs the life of the engine, and protects the environment by reducing CO2 emissions. At this point, all crowdfunding pledges are fulfilled, and the company is shipping product daily for online sales.

"Defense industry has an opportunity and privilege to see and select products at the forefront of technology. TriboTEX is very proud to be an Award recipient this year," said Pavlo Rudenko. Ph.D. Founder of TriboTEX.

"The technology component in the military is the key to retain superiority," said Dr. Rudenko. "The cost of maintenance of military equipment is substantial and growing. Our technology is applicable to a wide variety of components during normal operation, which is critical for the military, and so simple that it can be used everywhere where friction takes place such as everyone's daily driving cars."

The technology stemmed from Dr. Rudenko Ph.D. thesis research at Washington State University and his collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. His academic research was supported by Hydropower Research Foundation, Department of Energy and NASA. Ultimately, those studies led to the business venture for which TriboTEX received Phase I and Phase II Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) grants from the National Science Foundation as well as American Society Of Engineering and Education Fellowship.

TriboTEX has developed a sophisticated manufacturing process for the scaled-up production of anisotropic nanomaterials that are flat flakes with two different sides (sticky/slippery). The sticky side of nanoparticle attaches to surface the slippery side reduces friction. This self-assembly process repeated multiple times forms a lubricious protective coating during normal operation of the mechanism such as bearings, engines, and gearboxes. With a broad range of applications, smart protective film-forming formulations can be added to currently available lubricating blends to offer valuable solutions for the automotive, industrial, and power generating sectors.

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About TriboTEX
Founded in Pullman, Washington by Pavlo Rudenko, Ph.D. (CTO), TriboTEX offers a clean lubrication alternative. Proprietary nano-structure sheets are designed with specific functional properties on each side to solve important problems for a variety of consumer and industry stakeholders. Their current formulations improve mechanical output by utilizing a self-assembling coating that simultaneously reverses wear and enhances lubricity.

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