TriboTEX Presenting to CleanTech Alliance in Seattle, June 25, 2018

TriboTEX has enthusiastically accepted an invitation to make a presentation to WA CleanTech Alliance.


Seattle, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/11/2018 --In 2014, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee announced actions to transition Washington to increased energy independence through use of clean energy, to reduce carbon pollution in Washington and to meet the statutory greenhouse gas limits adopted by the state Legislature in 2008.

In July 2017, TriboTEX was invited by Results Washington to present to Washington Governor Jay Inslee.

The company agrees that the greatest percentage of carbon emissions come from cars, trucks and other transportation sources. Washington has three strategies: cleaner cars, cleaner fuels and moving people and goods more efficiently. While this is a great forward-looking statement, most emissions come from cars that are aged, inefficient, and do not benefit from new technologies during development.

TriboTEX offers a simple and proactive solution to improve emissions from cars and trucks that has been on the road, many for decades. When the TriboTEX emissions fix is implemented in Washington State, the proven validity can spur implementation of TriboTEX worldwide.

The TriboTEX nanomaterial additive achieves both of these and is the least expensive option, in-situ. Research conducted at Pacific Northwest (PNNL) and Argonne National Labs has proven that a Diamond-Like Carbon hard surface is formed in high friction areas from anisotropic nanoparticles. The anisotropic nanoparticles are like flakes with two functionally different sides, a sticky side and a slippery side.

Vehicles with TriboTEX treated engines and drivetrains will have a decreased carbon footprint and lower overall emissions. The TriboTEX treatment is especially effective in the older, high mileage fleet that is the obvious dominate source of harmful pollution. This fleet is driven disproportionately by the rural and lower income individuals as well as part of firefighters, police, and school bus fleets, the most expensive segment to upgrade. TriboTEX application is simple as adding oil, no downtime, and is added following simple instructions by operators and/or maintenance personnel.

When TriboTEX upgraded vehicles reach high numbers, Washington State will reduce CO2 emissions significantly. The most egregious polluters are from older vehicles without new ecological technologies. Older, high mileage vehicles is where the TriboTEX fix is impressive.

Join Washington State, one vehicle at a time, to reduce vehicle emissions and provide for a cleaner environment. Follow TriboTEX to Washington's CleanTech Innovation Showcase, June 25.

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About TriboTEX
TriboTEX provides professional grade additive to lubricating oil based on proprietary anisotropic nanoparticles with two different sides (sticky/slippery) Use of material in transportation leads to a reduction in parasitic losses, improves efficiency and longevity. TriboTEX core technology was developed in US academia and funded by major research agencies and manufactured exclusively in the USA.

Carl Holder