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Trigger Finger Tape, an Innovative, Revolutionary Solution Reducing Discomfort, Catching Sensation from Modern Trigger Finger

“With all-new Trigger Finger Tape, use consistent tension to alleviate trigger finger symptoms for days without slipping, all while maintaining full use of your hands and fingers.”


Westlake, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/20/2020 --Trigger Finger Tape, a new, innovative line of performance and wellness tape, is changing lives and improving well-being by treating the common symptoms of trigger finger. Trigger finger, a debilitating condition that causes pain, stiffness, catching and locking when bending or straightening one's finger, is a common condition affecting millions of people around the world.

Trigger Finger is a condition that often interferes with essential everyday activities. Trigger Finger Tape provides a comfortable and consistent stretch to the finger joint to gently reduce discomfort, catching, and locking. Unlike traditional medical tape or Kinesio tape, Trigger Finger Tape uses an innovative stretch and adhesive pattern to provide a stronger anchor that maintains consistent tension to alleviate symptoms for days without slipping.

Easy and minimalist, Trigger Finger Tape can allow people to maintain full use of their hand – sometimes even symptom-free – without the burden of alternatives like heavy, bulky braces that prove cumbersome and inhibitive of natural hand movements. Helping one to open their hands and fingers without locking or pain, Tigger Finger Tape feels like a seamless, comfortable extension of one's skin, and allows the user to go about their daily life with the comfort and functionality they need. Integrate Trigger Finger Tape can also be integrated into physical therapy regiments.

To learn more, or to purchase Trigger Finger Tape today, please visit TriggerFingerCure.com.

About Trigger Finger Tape
The new and revolutionary Trigger Finger Tape has been developed by ZTG, a pioneer in medical devices dating back to 2010. Specializing in the technology used in global health and wellness applications, ZTG is changing lives every day with innovative product lines.

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