Trinka – Next-Gen Academic & Technical Writing Assistant Launches High Impact Author-Friendly Features


New York City, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/05/2021 --Trinka, an Enago creation, continues to enhance its capabilities to make academic & technical writing easier for authors and take them to the global audience. Trinka's three latest features – Auto File Edit, Consistency Check, and Publication Readiness Check will help every writer publish with confidence.

These three new author-friendly features strengthen the already impressive range of Trinka's capabilities. These additions have been made to reduce major challenges faced by authors such as time shortages, complex language errors, inconsistent writing, incomplete technical checks & more. Trinka looks to resolve all these concerns with its latest features backed by cutting-edge technology.

Auto File Edit
With Auto File Edit, you can save time and improve the language quality of your writing with just three clicks. Upload your document & sit back while Trinka auto-edits your paper in minutes, and then download your edited file with track changes. You also get a language quality score, customized grammar, and word choice corrections in compliance with popular academic style guides.

Consistency Check
The Consistency Check detects and corrects all inconsistencies and lets you revise them with one click to ensure your document meets the journal's style guide. Its ability to quickly correct inconsistencies even in large documents lets you save a significant amount of time.

Publication Readiness Check
The research writing focused Publication Readiness Checks within Trinka assess your manuscript's fitness for journal submission. It conducts 20+ checks, ranging from Journal Selection to Ethical Compliance, that journal editors perform once you submit. Moreover, to help you decide the right journal for your research, Trinka recommends journals that best match your research ideas and lets you have the best chance at getting published.

Sharad Mittal, the CEO and Founder of Enago said, "When Trinka was launched, it ended the long-standing wait for a dedicated writing assistant for academic & technical writing. With continuous enhancements, Trinka is setting new benchmarks for AI-powered writing assistants. Our team of talented engineers & expert linguists keeps advancing Trinka to break new ground. These new features will significantly help writers elevate their research writing to a higher standard and step closer to publication."

Essentially, Trinka is moving towards establishing itself as the next-gen AI writing assistant with all author-related tools under a single platform.

About Trinka
( - Trinka is the next-gen AI writing assistant for academic & technical writing. Built by linguists, scientists, and language lovers, Trinka finds and corrects thousands of complex writing errors — so you don't have to. Trinka corrects contextual spelling mistakes, checks for more than 3000 common grammar errors, enhances vocabulary usage, and provides writing suggestions. Trinka goes beyond grammar to help professionals and academics ensure professional, concise, and engaging writing.