Trio of Arizona Entrepreneurs Launches

Pinche Congress, Pinche Zombies and Pinche Immigration start the t-shirt line


Flagstaff, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/09/2013 just launched as a fun, creative way to generate discussion about and interest in the many subtleties and variations in Latino cultures. is the brainchild of three Arizona-based entrepreneurs – Diego Rosalez, Mario Banda and Daniel Robertson. It aims to engage customers concerning the rich diversity of prevalent Hispanic and Latino cultures while generating business and fun simultaneously.

“My main focus for Pincheshirts is a shirt for Latinos, bilinguals, Chicanos – you can really personalize it as your own,” said co-founder Diego Rosalez. He added that the root Spanish adjective “pinche” of the new t-shirt line has a variety of meanings as a descriptive Spanish word. For example: it can mean lazy, it can be a term of annoyance, it can mean stingy, it can convey a sense of disapproval. “This word is going to make people look it up,” said Rosalez.

“We are three friends that want to sell shirts while having fun,” said partner and co-founder Mario Banda. “Putting smiles on our customers’ faces is the greatest reward we could ask for. came together from a word that is used every day in the Latino culture.”

Pinche has many different meanings. In Spain, the word refers to a kitchen helper. There it mainly means a restaurant chef assistant or a kitchen helper who helps cook the food and clean the utensils. Many restaurants in Spain have the name "El Pinche,” to the great amusement of Mexican and Chicano tourists. Another meaning is used as an insult, as in pinche güey "loser,” or to describe an object of poor quality, está muy pinche, "It really sucks." In Mexico, the word can range in meaning to include anything from a semi-inappropriate to a very offensive descriptor, depending on tone and context. In Puerto Rico “pinche” simply refers to a hairpin, while in Chile “pinche” isn't vulgar at all as it refers to people involved in an informal, romantic relationship.

“The most important aspect to me is the humor,” said co-founder Daniel Robertson. “I enjoy making people laugh. I like the humor aspect.” launches with hot and trending shirts: Pinche Congress, Pinche Immigration and Pinche Uncle Sam. And, the very first shirt in the t-shirt line is Pinche Zombies. One day Diego Rosalez was kind of annoyed when someone mentioned zombies, and he said “pinche zombies.” “I noticed the positive reaction I got from saying ‘pinche zombies,’” said Rosalez. That’s the origin for the first of the Pincheshirts. The three equal business partners are excited about the prospects for “We already have orders from California, Arizona, Florida and most recently, South Carolina,” said Rosalez. “It’s coast to coast,” added Robertson.

One goal of is to generate enough revenue to give something back to the community and thus the trio of partners hope to donate to local charitable causes and organizations. That sense of giving back is also shown in the next shirt they expect to market: Pinche cancer which will help generate awareness for breast cancer research, early diagnoses and treatments.

“For me it is about having fun with my friends, creating a business with my friends that we can enjoy together,” said Banda.

Right after this week’s initial launch other plans include a contest whereby participants suggest a new Pinche shirt, they get in touch and convey that idea via Facebook or by email and the winning design becomes that month’s featured shirt with the participant encouraged to share their idea, including a picture, for the winning shirt via social media. features a robust, sophisticated social media presence that engages new and potential customers using Facebook, Twitter, a blog, Google+, Instagram and possibly other channels.

The three entrepreneurs also have plans to launch a t-shirt club, modeled after existing, successful online t-shirt clubs.

“What does the word mean to you?,” asked Rosalez. “We’re not choosing sides,” added Banda. “Our question is what does it mean to you?”

We are three friends that want to sell shirts while having fun. Putting smiles on our customers’ faces is the greatest reward we could ask for. came together from a word that is used every day within the Latino culture. We are Diego Rosalez, Daniel Robertson and Mario Banda. We are starting this t-shirt business as of October 2013 out of Flagstaff, Arizona. We will have a Pinche t-shirt club very soon so customers will be able to get a new shirts every month for a discounted price – stay tuned. For everyone that has Pinche shirt ideas please email us at to enter our monthly Pinche Fan contest where you can submit your idea and win a chance for a free shirt you submitted and personalized from us and your picture of it on our social media pages! Visit and at