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Triple Seven eCigs' Carry Cases Allow Consumers to Transport Their E-Cigarettes Effortlessly

These Carry Cases from Triple Seven are Convenient and Stylish


Burbank, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/25/2014 --Consumers who use electronic cigarettes know the inconvenience that is sometimes a part of carrying around the required eCig components. There are batteries and tanks to take where they want to go just in order to have their electronic cigarettes available to use. But Triple Seven has made transporting electronic cigarette products easier than ever.

The Bullet eCigarette Carry Cases from this electronic cigarette manufacturer are designed to hold up to two Bullet batteries and two Bullet tanks. The Bullet brand is one of the company’s most popular products, and these carry cases allow consumers to take everything they need for convenient vaping without the hassle they may have experienced before.

Women know that their tanks and cartridges and batteries can all get lost easily when they put them in their handbags. They have to sort through everything in their bag just to find what they are looking for. But this convenient carry case makes finding what consumers need easier than ever. And these cases are perfect for parties and other social occasions. Their stylish designs are on par with Triple Seven’s many other high quality products.

They come in three classy colors- black, gray and pink. And they conveniently hold all the apparatus consumers need to enjoy vaping at their leisure.

The company’s site is offering these cases on sale for $4.95, and consumers are advised to get theirs while supplies last. There is likely to be only a limited supply of them made.

Triple Seven has made a name for itself as a premier electronic cigarette company. All of their products are made to be durable and stylish. And many of them come in a variety of colors to accommodate their customers’ tastes. It is companies like them that are turning people from traditional cigarettes to electronic ones. Customers love the variety of products they have to choose from.

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Triple Seven E-Cigs is Located in Burbank, California and is a premium manufacture of electronic cigarettes and e liquid sold wold wide. Triple Seven produces dozens of uniquely designed products to satisfy every need of the electronic cigarette user.