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Triple Seven eCigs Creates Improved Long-Lasting Battery


Burbank, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/28/2014 --Triple Seven eCigs is renowned in the electronic cigarette industry for creating quality products that appeal to a wide range of smokers. Their large library of flavors, both traditional and exotic, has attracted the attention of consumers across the country. And they continue to refine their products and create new innovations for the industry.

One of their most powerful products is the Magnum XL 1300 mAh battery. This battery can power up to 1,000 puffs from one of the company’s electronic cigarettes. The 3.7 volt lithium battery sells for $24.95, which is an incredible value for how long it lasts.

Now Triple Seven is a company that has made its name by offering its customers options. That’s how the electronic cigarette market has thrived as people switch from traditional cigarettes because of all the choices that e-cigarettes give them.

And the Magnum XL 1300 mAh battery is no exception, as it comes in a few different colors. Silver, black and pink variations of the battery mean that there is a choice that looks stylish on anybody.

The battery operates by the user holding down the power button for each puff. The duration of the puff is determined by how long the button is held down for. It allows for a customized experience and an economic use of the battery’s power. The power mode is signaled by an LED light on the battery, letting the user know whether the device is activated or not.

The Magnum XL 1300 mAh battery comes with all the options any e-cigarette user could ask from a battery and at a price that is instantly attractive. Experienced users will be happy to have a quality product that is built to last but won’t break their bank. And newer users can get introduced to Triple Seven’s product line without worry about putting in a large investment. Once again, the company has managed to create an appealing and stylish product that pushes the industry forward.

Triple Seven E Cigs is a premium e cigarette company bringing fresh new products to oonsumers.