Triple Seven eCigs

Triple Seven Finds New Ways to Connect to Customers

Popular E-Cigarette Brand Begins Blog to Relay Information to Its Consumer Base


Burbank, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/12/2014 --The electronic cigarette company Triple Seven eCigs is starting up a blog to help bring news and information to its customers first. This blog is part of the company’s continued efforts to be transparent with its customer base and ensure they stay in the loop on all the new changes happening at the company.

Through press releases and email newsletters, the company has worked hard to make sure customers are aware of new products the company is making and its efforts to expand in exciting ways. These include new partnerships with retailers to get Triple Seven products on store shelves in more locations than ever before. The company is also constantly adding new flavors to its expansive list of products.

With this blog, the company will be able to have all the exciting information in one place for its customers. From the blog, customers will be able to find out about new products as they are released and learn about ways the company is seeking to expand before the news outlets even get the information, in many cases.

The Triple Seven eCigs brand is known for its exhaustive line of products and flavors. People who are used to smoking traditional tobacco products often turn to the electronic cigarette company to find new and exciting flavors. In the past few months, the company has added nearly a dozen flavors on top of its already large line of flavors. This unrivaled variety often makes it a clear choice for people who want something more out of their smoking experience.

Triple Seven eCigs is a company always looking to innovate and change for the better. It’s evident by the way they have transformed the electronic cigarette market from a niche into something used and recognized the world over. And it is obvious by their recent blog creation, that they are poised to step up their efforts into connecting with customers through modern technologies.