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Triple Seven Supplies Everything Electronic Cigarette Customers Want from a Starter Kit

The T-4 Mini Tank Essentials Kit Is a Great Place for New Users to Start


Burbank, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/06/2014 --For people new to the electronic cigarette industry, Triple Seven eCigs offers a great place to start. The T-4 Mini Tank Essentials Starter Kit comes with everything a new user needs to get started.

It is the bare bones kit, and there are more fully-featured kits available from the company. But this kit serves as a good stepping on point for people who aren’t sure about electronic cigarettes or who have not tried the company’s products before.

Its retail price of $39.95 makes it easy to recommend as a gift for the holidays or a birthday. It is especially timely, since many traditional smokers are looking for alternatives to their tobacco cigarettes. They want something with more flavor and more options, something that provides a more exciting and high-end experience. The Triple Seven line of products offers just that.

The T-4 Essentials Kit comes with exactly what its name implies- the essentials. This includes a customer’s choice of a manual or automatic battery as well as a wall charger, a car charger, three Clearomizer tanks and an instructional manual.

The higher-end kits come with additional batteries and vaping liquids. But for this kit, consumers will have to buy their vaping liquid separately. The company offers an extensive line of flavors that range from tobacco favorites to fruity and tropical flavors to about anything else consumers might want there is not more complete line of electronic cigarette flavors on the market.

The kit makes a great gift idea and is perfect for people who want to make the switch from other kinds of smoking to electronic cigarettes. The high-quality products are sure to please any consumer. Those who are not completely satisfied by the selection in this kit can find a number of other starter kit options available through Triple Seven’s website.

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Triple Seven E-Cigs is Located in Burbank, California and is a premium manufacture of electronic cigarettes and e liquid sold wold wide. Triple Seven produces dozens of uniquely designed products to satisfy every need of the electronic cigarette user.