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Triple Seven's Convenient Standard Starter Kits Make Electronic Cigarettes Accessible

E-Cigarette Use Made Easier than Ever Thanks to 777eCigs quality Product


Burbank, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/14/2014 --The electronic cigarette company, Triple Seven eCigs is making the industry accessible through their remarkable e-Cigarette 808 starter kits. These kits come with everything consumers need to satisfy their cravings, and every item is made in Triple Seven’s unique, slim sleek design to resemble a conventional tobacco cigarette.

One of the best items in the standard starter kit box is the second battery. Many companies’ kits only come with a single battery so that when consumers need to recharge, they are left without a smoking option. But this extra battery means they never have to stop enjoying their electronic cigarettes.

The kit seems to be built for people who are new to electronic cigarettes and want the entire package. The kit comes with 10 pre-filled cartridges with the options of 0,6,12 or 18mg strength, Triple Seven eCigs offers 16 pre-filled cartridge flavors two of which consumers can choose for themselves in the standard starter kit. That is a choice from Triple Seven’s nearly fifty different e-Liquid flavors also available, so it’s a great opportunity for new users to get a taste of the available selection.

The company realizes that many consumers are taking their e-cigarettes on the go with them, so they’ve included a car charger, as well as the standard home adapter and charger. Now consumers can enjoy their electronic cigarettes wherever they are.

The owner’s manual rounds out the package and gives new users a guide for using the product.

This kit retails for $59.95. Triple Seven is well known for making quality electronic cigarette products and producing an extensive line of flavors. Consumers will likely find a lot of value in this kit either for themselves or as a gift for their friends.

This is the perfect time to release product like this, since electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular. People dissatisfied with the taste and experience of traditional tobacco cigarettes are looking for options with more variety. And Triple Seven is a company that is poised to handle that customer demand.