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Triumph Tech Partners with MontyCloud

Triumph Tech today announced its partnership with MontyCloud. With expertise in autonomous CloudOps, MontyCloud will help ensure that Triumph Tech’s managed services run smoothly and effectively as they scale.


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/02/2023 --Triumph Tech, a Premier Tier AWS Partner and member of the Amazon Partner Network (APN), today announced its partnership with MontyCloud, a Cloud Management Competency Partner in the APN. With expertise in autonomous CloudOps, MontyCloud will help ensure that Triumph Tech's managed services run smoothly and effectively as they scale.

The MontyCloud DAY2™ CloudOps SaaS platform provides Triumph Tech with automation that unlocks substantial time savings, a key driving force in continued growth and innovation for its customers. Triumph Tech can provision and remediate AWS resources, automate routine tasks, and provide assessments and reports while driving adoption of native AWS Management and Governance services without writing code. MontyCloud's capabilities around the AWS Well-Architected Framework allow the Triumph Tech team to keep customers following AWS best practices while focusing on customers' top priorities.

"MontyCloud and Triumph Tech share a core DNA of providing operational excellence and cost optimization to AWS customers," said Walter Rogers, MontyCloud CEO. "Together, we are creating an innovation-flywheel fueled by TriumphTech's digital transformation expertise and MontyCloud DAY2™ automation."

With MontyCloud's provisioning capabilities, cloud governance, automated reports, and time-saving proficiencies, customer support has never been easier. By automating routine tasks and utilizing MontyCloud's cloud management platform, Triumph Tech can prioritize new strategic initiatives for their clients, focusing on their business, growth, and industry goals in the cloud.

"Triumph Tech and MontyCloud are both focused on providing efficiency to customers through infrastructure optimization," said Eric Lurie, VP of Sales at Triumph Tech. "Triumph has been working with companies who are considering the AWS cloud and companies who have been utilizing AWS for many years. Together with MontyCloud, we are building automation for customers to help bring their infrastructure into the future."

Triumph Tech is currently experiencing a period of unprecedented growth, and their leveraging of MontyCloud DAY2™'s automation capabilities will help make sure their customers continue to receive the well managed and Well-Architected AWS environments they and their businesses are used to.

About Triumph Tech
Triumph Tech is focused on helping customers leverage the capabilities of the cloud in order to achieve operational excellence, security, reliability, performance, and total cost optimization. "We keep our head in the clouds so you don't have to."

About MontyCloud
MontyCloud DAY2™ is a no-code cloud management solution that simplifies cloud operations, without having to add additional IT resources. With MontyCloud DAY2™, IT teams can enable self-service consumption, standardize deployments, optimize cloud costs, deliver granular governance, reduce security & compliance issues, and automate incident management.