Troy Adams Seeks Support via Indiegogo to Start the Production of Mr. Coolit High Performance Ice Coolers

The advanced design of Mr. Coolit maximizes the ice preservation and offers a series of excellent features including can dispensing systems, bottle dispensing system, Bluetooth speaker , Powerful LED light, USB ports, solar charging lithium battery station, extended food preservation, and more. Co-founder Troy Adams is looking to raise $215,000 via Indiegogo to start the production phase of Mr. Coolit.


Melbourne, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/15/2016 --Troy & Clint Adams and there team claim that they have created the world’s first ice cooler that was designed to maximise the ice preservation by considerably reducing the requirement to open the lid to access your ice cold drinks. The Aluminium shelf and trays further enhance the reduction of thermal heat being able to penetrate the ice below being trapped and melting your ice. Their new high-performance ice cooler system Mr. Coolit offers a plethora of extraordinary features to keep food, drinks and solar charged power sustained for the longest time possible. This user-friendly and versatile system has all the qualities to be a game changer in the industry.

Some of the most exciting features of Mr. Coolit include:

- Can dispensing system capable of holding twenty four cans
- 1.5 litres bottle dispensing system
- Removable waterproof Bluetooth speaker
- Powerful water resistant built-in USB ports
- Water resistant, illuminated on/off switch
- Protective compartments for phone and battery
- Water resistant, 100000 mAh power bank
- Solar charging Lithium Battery (1.5 Watt)
- Multi-functional battery with rapid charge
- Bottle Opener
- Rubbish Rack
- Aluminium Shelf with two trays

Troy & Clint Adams belongs to a family with a wealth of experience in the refrigeration and cooling industry. Over the last five decades, the family has successfully completed hundreds of speciality projects in this field. The team has worked hard to complete the prototypes of Mr. Coolit that have yielded excellent results. They have also completed the due-diligence on costing. The estimated funding requirement to start the production phase of the product is $215,000.

Troy & Clint has recently started an Indiegogo campaign to raise $215,000 for this project. “It’s time for us to ask for your help to make this project a reality and to manufacture the first cooler of its kind. With your help, we can revolutionize the industry in ice coolers,” they say.

According to the detailed project schedule, the first shipments of Mr. Coolit is expected to start in February-March, 2018.

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