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Trulia Study Confirms That a Bargain Is Not Necessarily a Bargain

To no one's surprise, a Trulia study has confirmed that a home listed as a bargain is not necessarily a bargain. For real estate professionals, this is a reminder that successful real estate marketing needs a serious commitment of time and effort.


Fairfax, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/11/2016 --Recently, the residential real estate site Trulia conducted a study on whether homes labeled as bargains were actually bargains when measured using quantitative factors. To no one's surprise, the study revealed that bargains were not necessarily bargains. Given the usual home buyer reaction to such deceptive language, real estate professionals should see this as a reminder that successful real estate marketing is based on a serious commitment of time and effort rather than the best collection of sales gimmicks.

In short, the Trulia study was conducted by examining listings that claimed to be a bargain before comparing their prices with the prices of comparable homes, which was determined by controlling other factors such as the age, the square feet, the number of bathrooms, and the number of bedrooms. This revealed that out of the 100 biggest real estate markets in the United States, bargains in no more than 55 of them were actually listed at lower prices than comparable homes. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that the same study revealed that the bargains were best in the Midwestern as well as the Southern markets and worst in the much busier East Coast and West Coast markets, probably because the home sellers in the latter had less need to come up with incentives as a way of selling their homes in less time.

The fact that these results came as no surprise spoke volumes about home buyers' expectations of listings in the real estate market. This is a serious problem because successful real estate transactions need mutual trust between the buyers and the sellers, meaning that this learned cynicism is one more barrier for real estate professionals seeking to help their clients sell their homes. As a result, listings need to be written using open and transparent language while still appealing to the most probable home buyers, which is one more reason that real estate professionals are so essential for home sellers. For that matter, considering the deceptive measures that can be found in some of the listings out there, this is also one more reason that home buyers need real estate professionals to help them see through such deception if nothing else.

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