Truly Wireless Earphones That Translate Languages to Be Launched on Kickstarter


Manchester, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/24/2016 --A truly wireless earphone that translates foreign languages is to be launched on Kickstarter at the beginning of July. The ergonomically designed CLIK earbuds/earphones have been developed by Mymanu®, a UK-based electronics company that has taken their commitment and passion for music and innovation to create a unique sound solution to help people's lives. With industrial standard APTX® audio codec delivering high-definition audio sound and three-way balanced armature drivers, the earphones look set to deliver a superior listening experience.

The stunning, custom-fit earbuds feature homogeneous LED halo lights that can be set to change color according to a specific activity, such as a call from a certain individual, or an alert. The user can control music, apps, and notifications with a touch, swipe, or press of the earphone while it sits in their ear, allowing them to access a range of fully customizable, contextually specified controls, without so much as moving or turning their head. Since it is entirely wireless, messages can be delivered straight into the ear without the user having to look away or glance at their phone or screen.

With the ability to translate foreign languages instantly during conversations with voice recognition technology, Mymanu® has designed both the hardware and the software together for their cutting edge earphones.

The following features are included in the CLIK:

- Translucent silicone tips in different sizes and colors which are easily replaceable for comfort, hygiene, and to suit individual preference.

- A state-of-the-art, minimalist, portable, wireless charger case which has a USB port to charge a mobile phone as well as the earphones.

- HD sound with APTX® audio coding, delivering crystal clear audio-quality with noise cancellation.

- Incredible battery life.

- Touch sensor technology.

- Available in different colors to suit individual choice and create a customized look.

Mymanu® have been selected to showcase their CLIK earphones at the TNW Conference in Amsterdam May 26 and 27. The two-day technology festival brings together technology leaders, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists, and will be a perfect opportunity for the team to network prior to the product's launch on Kickstarter. Once the venture has been launched on the crowdfunding platform, backers will be able to purchase the completely wireless earphones for a special early-bird price while stocks last. Interested parties can sign up on the Mymanu® website and receive alerts in advance of the Kickstarter launch.