TSVLS.com, LLC Introduces a US Patent Pending, Paradigm Shift in Vertical Take off and Landing


Hot Springs Village, AR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/23/2014 --TSVLS.com, LLC is introducing a US Patent Pending, paradigm shift in Vertical Take Off and Landing or VTOL for short. VTOL and single rotor lifting, and this paradigm shift will make VTOL more accessible by every person on the planet, cheaply, safely, and simply. Right now funds are being raised to complete a craft to present to investors for funding marketing and manufacture of the “Torque Stabilized, Vertical Lifting System”, TSVLS at http://www.igg.me/at/vtol2 until June 10, 2014.

Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) has been the realm of helicopters, dangerous free air rotors, airports, and highly trained pilots; but not any more. With the introduction of the TSVLS, single lift rotor flying and lifting, will be as simple as 1. raise the rpms, 2. increase the pitch, and 3. adjust the trim.

Through testing and experimentation, it has been discovered, the torque used to spin a lift rotor can be balanced by an anti torque force using the downdraft and almost vertical airfoils beneath the lift rotor, inside a close fitting duct and within the lift rotors diameter.

In this configuration, the lift rotor generates 30% more lift and the torque remains in torque balance even during changing power and loads, making the module absolutely stable.

Anyone who can ride a bike, will fly from and to their driveway alone. or with family. safely, simply, cheaply. Sport, local, and regional travel, just above treetop, straight to and from your destination will save time, fuel, and the environment. It will save tires, accidents, and highway construction and maintenance. There are other life enhancing, life saving uses for the TSVLS.

For a limited time donations can be made by clicking on http://www.igg.me/at/vtol2 to bring safe, cheap, simple VTOL to the world. When a donation is made, donors will receive a perk, some of which will allow the making of a radio controlled VTOL hobby craft. Other perks will allow the creation of a business selling VTOL hobby crafts to others. Email address is bodycopter@tsvls.com. Website is http://www.verticaltakeoffandlanding.com

Charles H Medlock
43 N Badalona Drive
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