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T&T Mobile Repair Owner, Tyler King, Featured on CBS 5 in Flint, Michigan


Flint, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/03/2013 --As the weather heats up across the nation, truck drivers are at a greater risk for blown tires. The prominence of this issue in Michigan had CBS 5 in Detroit, Michigan, asking for the expert commentary of Truck & Trailer Mobile Repair owner, Tyler King.

As the owner of T&T Mobile Repair, King works around the clock throughout the year offering the best mobile mechanic service for truck and semi-trailer drivers in Michigan. In the piece featured on CBS 5 about tire repair, King explained the increased probability of blown tires in the summer heat.

“Tires start blowing around 75 to 80 degrees,” stated King. He continued, “The hotter it gets, the more likely your tires are to blow.”

The increase in blown tires on Michigan Interstates is one of the many reasons T&T Mobile Repair offers 24/7 service each day of the year. In fact, in the piece on CBS 5, King explained that he began work at 5:00 a.m. that morning and expected to be on the road until 12:30 the next morning helping drivers with blown tires.

King responds quickly to repair trucks and trailers with every imaginable issue. He’s not only focused on ensuring the safety of the masses by removing blown tires and other debris from the road, but also the livelihood of drivers. The longer a driver spends immobile on the side of the road, the more money they lose. His ability to repair vehicles on the side of the road, instead of towing them back to his garage, is something that truly separates him from his competitors.

While King’s job is focused on every repair under the sun for truck and semi-trailers, in his interview for CBS 5 he was able to offer some great insights for everyday motorists in Michigan.

“Check your air pressure, rotate your tires as recommended and keep an eye on your car tires in general. When you start seeing uneven tear, you need to take it in.”

Fortunately for truck and trailer professionals who don’t spot uneven tread marks on their tires, King is available at all times to replace their tire and get them back to work.

To learn more about Tyler King or the qualities that makes him the best mobile mechanic in Michigan, visit: http://www.TTMobileRepair.com

About T&T Mobile Repair
A veteran of the 13th COSCOM (Corps Support Command) Unit in Iraq, Tyler King learned the craft of being a mobile mechanic. Upon returning from service, he founded Truck and Trailer Mobile Repair. With his company he can take the expert skills he learned during his years of service and apply them to help professionals in the American trucking industry. After working in the intense heat of the Iraqi desert, King is more than equipped to offer the best breakdown service in any weather conditions along the Michigan interstates.