TTDEYE Makes Changes in the Company's Colored Lens Packaging

Always be to give the best customer care services ever.


ShenZhen, GuangDong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/02/2020 --TTDEYE was started in 2011. To date, the company has provided clients with the best contact lenses. Since TTDEYE finds most of its clients online, the aim has been and will always be to give them the best customer care services ever.

Over the years, the company has gained many customers' love. Now, it is time for TTDEYE to show appreciation to her community. That is why the company has decided to unleash a brand-new package, which will certainly bring surprises and better experience to its clients.

The new look, which features different parts of the packaging, will no doubt attract not only the eye but also provide the user with relevant benefits that benefit the wearer.

TTDEYE's brand new look takes effect from July 2020 and is supposed to run for several months, even years to come.

The changes will touch across all the products from contact lenses, lens cases, and other contact lens accessories available on the company's catalog.

What has changed
Effective from July 2020, packaging of the company's colored contact lenses will change completely. For instance, the old packaging had the same color – pink. Besides, the rectangular packaging box was large. The 'halo' shape at the outer ring wasn't appealing anymore.

The new packaging features many different things. For instance, the client will see that the box is no longer rectangular but square. To appeal to all, especially the young generation, the design and style team has used a graffiti style when branding the square box. That can easily be seen from the way the company has presented the brand name TTDEYE.

Each of the four squared boxes features different colors and different landmarks, something that clearly represents different geographical areas. The new box now has more colors than the old one, which only had one color, pink.

The new changes show the company's commitment to serving its clients who come from different parts of the world. The picture of the heart, eye, and the landmarks show that the company cares for all her clients no matter where they come from. Most importantly, TTDEYE cares about their clients' vision. Tattoo stickers and glitter show the company's commitment to serving all generations.

TTDEYE's aim is that clients see differently from the way the customers have been seeing in the past with the present vision being the best the customers can ever realize and achieve in their lives thanks to the company's colored contact eye lenses.

The company has also introduced a brand new decal, which features a completely new design with four random colors. For every order of a pair of contact lens made, TTDEYE gives a FREE contact lens case as a token to her customers.

It is the company's sincere hope that the new changes will help clients have a much better experience when using TTDEYE products.

Name: Adam Zhu