TucciPolo Launches Men's Handmade Luxury Shoe Collection on Indiegogo

TucciPolo's celebrity-loved dress shoe's popularity is helping to drive the company's campaign to ensure more buyers get access.


Stamford, CT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/16/2017 --Designer label TucciPolo is excited to launch its Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds to further produce its high-end, handmade luxury shoe. The company's shoes help fill a unique market – one of designer, high-quality, dress shoes for men with larger than average feet. The Indiegogo campaign will help the company, with its fan and celebrity favorite shoes, to meet production goals and to increase overall access to the product.

These award-winning shoes are a fashion-forward statement for anyone who dons them. TucciPolo Inc has won the Innovations 4 Entrepreneurs Regional Winner Award for the New England Region, a testimony to the cutting edge technology and design added to these shoes.

Millionaire Mentor Greg Reid on stage with celebrity actor John Travolta at a recent event was wearing and raving about his TucciPolo shoes. In an industry where it is essential to look your best, these shoes shine and stand out from both domestic and international products.

Alan Taylor, who is a TV and radio host at and Entrepreneur Magazine that focuses on styling, fell in love with the feel and quality of his TucciPolo shoes. When discussing these high end, luxury shoes, Mr. Taylor said, "To me, this is the one piece of your ensemble you really have to have." He continued, "These are Italian leather, handmade, very nicely styled (shoes) … and what a difference it makes to have a really nice pair of shoes."

The Indiegogo campaign presents an opportunity for fans of the brand and investors to participate in funding its growth. The company plans to use the funds to supplement the founder's thus far self-funded business. Through this fundraising campaign, the company will be able to increase production significantly to meet the increased demand it already has. The campaign will also enable TucciPolo to give back to the community through job creation and youth empowerment efforts.

Consumers participating in the brand's fundraising campaign will gain access to the shoes as well as to a variety of accessories and hard to find items designed just for the brand. The shoes are considered the first handcrafted Italian leather luxury dress shoe for those with a shoe size up to US 18.

The shoes themselves make a bold and powerful statement. The shoes are handmade, hand polished, and hand sewn using the highest quality of Italian leather. The shoes are not only for show. Rather, they are designed for durability, comfort, and elegance. Some of the shoes are designed using Python skin leather, while others use Ostrich leather or Stingray Fish leather. This unique material allows the shoes to stand out in a crowded market.

With dozens of testimonials from world-renowned celebrities and professionals, the TucciPolo shoe is one that's well respected and loved for its quality and comfort. They are the must-have shoes of the year and this Indiegogo campaign will help make them more accessible to those already waiting in line for access.

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About TucciPolo
The company, founded by Tochukwu Mbiamnozie in 2015, has seen a significant amount of attention for its overall quality and beauty. These artisan shoes have been worn by a variety of celebrities most notably in the United States by celebrity actor Anthony Anderson. A social media favorite, the brand has received a stunningly positive response and a high level of demand from customers. The company's luxury, but cost-effective shoe should be in the hands of all consumers, the founder believes. And, with the help of this Indiegogo campaign, it will become possible for buyers to enjoy these shoes.