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Tucson Optometrist Dr. Jeffrey Martin Installs Arizona's First MacuLogix AdaptDx System at Clear View Vision Care

Dr. Jeffrey Martin of Clear View Vision Care is the first in Arizona to install the MacuLogix AdaptDx system that provides early detection for macular degeneration


Tucson, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/08/2015 --Patients of Dr. Jeffrey Martin of Clear View Vision Care in Tucson, AZ now have access to some of the latest technology in the industry that provides early detection for Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). Dr. Martin is the first optometrist in the state of Arizona to adopt this new technology that will help prevent unnecessary vision loss in older adults due to AMD and retinitis pigmentosa (RP).

Currently, AMD affects more than 8 million Americans. However, the MacuLogix AdaptDx System is helping to change those statistics by detecting AMD in its earliest stages before it leads to irreversible vision loss. The first symptom of AMD is usually impaired night vision causing patients to give up driving at night. However, in its earliest stages, it is difficult to determine whether this impaired night vision is due to aging or a more serious condition like AMD. The MacuLogix AdaptDx System represents a significant advancement in measuring the dark adaptation function of the eyes, or the recovery of vision when going from daylight to darkness.

The MacuLogix AdaptDx system is the first dark adaptometer produced for rapid, routine clinical use. It is a simple, objective tool that painlessly measures dark adaption as it relates to the earliest stages of macular dystrophies. It produces a noninvasive test for the patient while they are continuously focused on a fixation light. The technology exposes the eye to a mild bleaching flash and the patient is asked to indicate when a progressively dimmer stimulus light appears. With this simple test, optometrists are able to determine signs and symptoms of AMD in its earliest stages, allowing them to provide patients with proper treatment and resources to prevent irreversible vision loss.

Dr. Martin and his staff at Clear View Vision Care are committed to incorporating leading edge technology in their practice giving their patients a lifetime of great vision. Incorporating the MacuLogix AdaptDx system is part of that commitment, and Dr. Martin hopes to help hundreds or even thousands of patients detect AMD in its beginning stages so as to help them keep their good vision for as long as possible.

About Dr. Martin
Dr. Jeffrey Martin has been a practicing optometrist for nearly 25 years. He is a former faculty member of several notable optometry colleges and is a member of numerous professional organizations in his field. Dr. Martin is certified in ocular disease by the International Association of Boards in Optometry, certified Glaucoma specialist, as well as a number of other prestigious credentials.

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