Tumbleweed Leather Co.

Tumbleweed Leather Co. Has Created a Minimalist Leather Wallet That Will Inspire the Next Generation of the Old West

Live on Kickstarter, Tumbleweed Co. has introduced a Handcrafted Leather Wallet that is Both Rugged and Minimalistic in Design.


Midvale, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/29/2016 --Tumbleweeds are an American symbol of freedom and exploration and an icon of the American West. With their first product, a minimalist, hand-stitched wallet, Tumbleweed Leather Co. has produced a product fitting of its name. The company today launched its flagship product with a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Tumbleweed Leather Co.'s ethos speak to a time when rugged characters ruled the Old West with a strong sense of purpose, and self-reliance. The company has created a wallet that historical figures like Teddy Roosevelt, Jim Bridger, and Billy the Kid wouldn't have thought twice about carrying.

The result is a wallet that is no-nonsense, loaded with quality, and does the job without getting in the way. The lifetime guarantee on stitching ensures this is one wallet that will continue to be passed down the generations, only getting better through the years.

"I have a bit of an old soul, and I am very into my personal ancestry as well as history in general. As far as 7 generations back in my family there are silver smiths, wood workers, metal fabricators, brick layers, masons, and jewelers," says founder James Bailey, "Antiques and historical sites give me the feeling of nostalgia and wonder of the things that came before me, and I love it."

It is that same fascination with history and the seeds of a handy heritage passed through the generations that Bailey came to value the beauty of how people created wonderful things with their hands from raw materials that were passed down to them. Two years after becoming a dedicated student of leather and working on a range of leather products, Bailey has created what is surely the last leather wallet you may ever need to purchase.

The Tumbleweed Leather Co. wallet is constructed of 4oz. full grain leather sourced from one of the oldest tanneries in Europe, where they use premium Scandinavian cowhide. The thread boasts a tensile strength of 72lbs and is braided from many smaller waxed strands of nylon. The wallet contains three pockets with a center slot capable of holding 8-10 cards.

Tumbleweed Leather Co's leather wallet starts at $25 on Kickstarter for the early birds, with the choice of the 4 different leather and stitching colors. Multiple quantities as well as a kid's version are also available for purchase.

The Tumbleweed Leather Co. Wallet is now live and available for purchase on Kickstarter:

About Tumbleweed Leather Co.
As an American symbol of freedom and exploration, the tumbleweed is a true icon of the American West. Tumbleweed Leather Co. is a Utah based company dedicated to creating leather products that aim to capture that same spirit with products that last a lifetime. Their first product is a rugged 4oz. full grain leather wallet available in 4 different leather and stitching colors.

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