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Turn Leftover Produce Into a Culinary Adventure with Sasado Salad


Norresundby, Denmark -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/28/2018 --App Sasado, the revolutionary new app that turns mismatched and leftover produce into delicious culinary delicacies, is live on global crowdfunding Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

1/2 a cucumber here, an apple there, and a carrot that somehow already has a bite taken out. What to do with all this seemingly random fruit and vegetables leftover from previous meals? App Sasado is breakthrough solution that eliminates refrigerator waste while turning remaining produce into delicious fresh salads.

"The average Jane and Joe are pressed on time now a days! We all have to take care of the environment, take care of our own community so that it does not perish, make sure that our food is healthy, nutritious and the list just goes on," says co-founder Dorthe Holmkvist. "..but it can be difficult to get the groceries shopping taken care of even with 24 hrs open supermarkets in some countries, difficult when the kids are on that side of difficult that can drive any parent up the wall, difficult when one spouse/partner has proclaimed a famine epidemic has broken out in full force, difficult when all one can find in the cupboard is a can of beans, a handful of 'should-have-been-eaten-last week' raisins and some ever so sad looking tomatoes in the fridge."

Sasado Salad App is here to save the day. All users have to do is type in the ingredients they have on hand, click search, and numerous suggestions for tasty salads will instantly appear. The ingredient list will be a picture with an option for a read-out when shopping. This will increase the accessibility for those users who may be hard of sight and don't need to fumble with glasses in the supermarket. The final salad will be a picture with an option for enlarging the picture. The "how-to-do" instructions will be as short as possible so users can begin chopping their cabbage or carrots just the way they like it. These walkthrough instruction are also voice enabled.

"Also it is a great option to get the children involved. Not only will they learn about food, learn how to be sustainable and help the environment but also have a 'thing' they can do with the parents.. Great for younger children to help swipe, listen and work with their parent," adds co-founder Sanna Bæk. "We are aware that in many countries the obesity of the young generation is rising and if one of the reason for this is that the unhealthy food is the cheapest, then once again our app will be a great tool to help the young generation and parents to actually use what they have."

The Sasado Salad App is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

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Founded in 2017, Lane & Theo Aps is a women-owned company based in Norresundby, Denmark.The company has a vision on developing a brand that will bring solutions to the obstacles of everyday cooking and is focused on worldwide distribution and networking. Co-founders Dorthe Holmkvist and Sanna Bæk have 30+ years of work experience between them within the areas of creating delicious salads/sustainability within the municipality of Aalborg and of worldwide technical oil industry with technical and hands-on problem solving.

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