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TV's Rock in a Hard Place Seeks to Single-Handedly Revive the Dramedy Genre

All-star cast currently filming made-for-cable pilot in L.A.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/09/2015 --'Putting the pieces of your life back together after beating a decades-long addiction is a tall order for anyone, but for Lawrence' "Lint" Jones, staying clean and sober may mean facing a future even crazier and more chaotic than his pre-rehab days.

That's the premise behind a made-for-cable television pilot that focuses on the life of Jones (played by Patrick Muldoon), a has-been punk icon living in the shadow of his fame as front man of early 80s bad boys, The Prix, who leaves rehab and winds up mov-ing in with his over-bearing, manipulative Jewish mother (played by the legendary Renee Taylor).

Despite his addiction and obvious shortcomings, Jones manages to marry – and divorce – twice; once to former groupie-turned-nationally-syndicated-sex-therapist, "Dr. Debbie Gold," (played by Joely Fisher) and once to former soft-core porn starlet, "Janice Henley-Jones" played by Shannen Doherty. The three share three children between them; "Prism" a 30 year old lesbian lawyer for the underprivileged, "Martin" a 20 year-old in-trovert bordering on autistic, and "Shadow" a 15 year-old, out of control teen pop star whose career is managed by her gold-digging mother, Janice.

This eclectic menagerie is what greets Jones as he leaves rehab clean for the first time in years. Broke, but finally sober, Lint realizes that he needs to get his sh#t together before he's dead. "Which could be any minute," says Executive Producer Gina La Piana. Trou-ble is, no one wants anything to do with him. Least of all, his family.

Facing a bitter reality and uncertain future, Jones ends up at mother's house and is sure of one thing - not to let Janice turn their already emotionally wrecked daughter into a female version of him.

The pilot episode, currently in production, features the talents of several well-respected actors.

The cast includes: Patrick Muldoon (Lint), Renee Taylor (Mimi), Denise Richards (Heather), Shannen Doherty (Janice), Clint Howard (Rudy), Sheldon A. Smith (D-Maja), Jonathan Lipnicki (Cookie), Gina La Piana (Kat); Steve Shaw (Irving).

About Rock in a Hard Place
The show was created by musician and Huff Post scribe, David Fagin, and his writing partner/sister, Stephanie Fagin Jones. Rosanna Arquette is exec. Producing along with Gina La Piana (Anger Management/Studio 60) and Archie Gips (Wahlburgers/Duck Dy-nasty). James Cullen Bressack is directing.

Rock in a Hard Place: Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll Couldn't Kill Him, But His Family's Willing to Try.

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