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Typs Creates the World's First App to Help People Send the Perfect Text Message Every Time


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/08/2019 --Textfeed Inc., a mobile app startup, is on a mission to cure texting anxiety. To do this, they've created a crowd-sourced network of high-quality text messages for a variety of categories that people can copy/paste into their messaging platform of choice. Categories include "Flirt", "Just matched", "Ask him/her out" and many more. Texts are ranked within categories in a Reddit-esque upvote format. "Texting anxiety is a serious issue which affects 1 in 5 people in the US. We've felt this issue first-hand as founders, and our goal is to help reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with texting someone you care about." - Gil Demeter, CEO, and Co-Founder.

Everyone has found themselves in a situation where they simply don't know how to reply to a text message or initiate a texting conversation. Typically, people either go with the first thing that comes to mind, sit around for hours and send some over-the-top response, or ask their friends for advice. As a result, relationships take a toll. All it takes is one bad text message to cause a catastrophe. "We knew the best way to curate and provide content for text messages was to create a community. Not just any community, but one in which users have the tools to receive instant feedback and insight on text messages. That's how Typs was born. It's like asking your best friend for texting advice, but way better." - Gil Demeter.

All of the text messages on Typs are sorted into categories including "Ask out" and "Just met" as well as more nuanced categories including "Revive the conversation" Users can easily navigate in and out of different texting categories with a single tap.

Additionally, each user has their own anonymous profile with features allowing them to customize their Typs experience. Users can follow their favorite texters, receiving notifications each time they submit a text. They can also see the top-rated texters for certain categories.

For more information, check out Typs's website at TypsApp.com or download the iOS app here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/typs-text-messages-for-dating/id1472098305

About Typs
Typs is noted for having the best text messages in the world. Period.
Whether asking someone out on a first date via text or messaging someone new -- Typs helps reduce the anxiety and inspires confidence with the best-crowdsourced text messages for any situation. Users can submit texts which are upvoted/downvoted by the community in a Reddit-style format, and each user has the ability to favorite, comment and leave feedback on each text.
Typs has a mission to reduce texting anxiety and help remove the stress that comes with texting someone that's really cared about. Because face it, sometimes one text can make or break a relationship. Typs is like asking a best friend for texting advice, but way better.

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