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Uhura Force Majeure Contract Review Now Available in AWS Marketplace

Uhura Solutions has announced that the enterprise edition of its AI-based force majeure contract review service is now available in AWS Marketplace. The solution analyzes force majeure clauses that allow the party to back out of a deal without penalty, as well as other contract clauses to estimate litigation risk.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/27/2020 --Uhura Solutions, a global contract intelligence solution provider, announced that the enterprise edition of its artificial intelligence (AI)-based force majeure contract review service is now available in AWS Marketplace.

The service helps businesses understand the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on contracts and agreements. The solution reviews contract terms and specifically looks for a force majeure clause that allows the party to back out of a deal without penalty, as well as other contract clauses to estimate litigation risk.

Some agreements are impossible to fulfill, and legal experts are being asked to review all contracts for force majeure clauses. Without AI, reviewing force majeure clauses will be a lengthy task, especially since many large corporations can have thousands of contracts, and even small enterprises can be dealing with hundreds.

The enterprise edition is a premium offering, ideal for medium to large organizations with a high volume of contracts, and offers multiple documents upload, priority scheduling, and enterprise support.

"We're excited to collaborate with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver a seamless process of buying and deploying our contract intelligence service," said Djuro Stojanovic, CEO and co-founder of Uhura Solutions. "The AWS Marketplace listing demonstrates our success in providing automation and simplification tailored to the needs of the enterprise segment. AWS Marketplace allows our customers to purchase software directly from AWS and have charges be seamlessly integrated into their AWS bill. Streamlining the purchasing process for our customers by extending our SaaS offering through the AWS Marketplace is crucially important to the success of service in the long run."

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that makes it easy for customers to find, buy, consume, and manage third-party software, services, and data that customers need to build solutions and run their businesses. AWS Marketplace includes thousands of software listings from popular categories such as security, networking, storage, machine learning (ML), business intelligence, database, and DevOps, and simplifies software licensing and procurement with flexible pricing options and multiple deployment methods. Customers can select commercial software from well-known vendors, as well as many widely used open-source offerings.

About Uhura Solutions
Uhura Solutions is an AI solution provider specializing in contract intelligence. The company has developed an AI platform that reads and understands contracts and agreements just as humans do. The platform addresses the manual processing of documents, an important challenge that businesses regularly face. It offers automation capabilities and can shorten document processing time from hours to seconds.

The platform uses cutting-edge AI, including image and natural language processing technology, to automatically extract data and classify the content, review contracts accurately, and conduct automated contract drafting. Its early investors include Barclays, Techstars, and South Central Ventures.

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