Ultimate Guide to Getting the Most Comfortable Mattress Released by BedEd

Sleep and mattress blog BedEd.org announces the release of their latest guide, and in-depth article explaining how to choose the most comfortable mattress for individual needs.


Boston, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/21/2014 --When shopping for a new mattress, the factor shoppers are often most concerned with is comfort. After all, it doesn’t matter how durable or fancy a mattress is if it is not comfortable to sleep on.

But, because comfort is an individual experience, there are no one-size-fits-all recommendations for getting the right mattress. To top it off, surveys from the Better Sleep Council suggest that many Americans delay replacing an old mattress because they feel intimidated by the shopping process and do not know what to look for.

In an effort to simplify shopping, BedEd.org produced the “Ultimate Guide to Getting the Most Comfortable Mattress,” released July 18. The guide explains the core factors associated with mattress comfort and individual factors that affect comfort. The guide also compares pros and cons of popular mattress types.

Because industry lingo can be confusing, the guide first offers an overview of terms including support, conformity, pressure relief and firmness, explaining what they mean and how they relate to comfort.

BedEd also details how personal factors like sleep position, body size, age, and health relate to bed shopping, offering tips for choosing the most comfortable mattress based on surveys and studies.

The guide then launches into a detailed comparison of the major mattress types, including innersprings, memory foam, latex, airbeds, and waterbeds. For each type, Bed Ed explains the primary categories and comparative factors. For example, different coil types, coil count and coil gauge are addressed for innerspring beds.

BedEd also weighs pros and cons of each, and compares performance on support, contouring, durability, and average owner satisfaction ratings.

Though the guide offers a considerable amount of information, BedEd explains, “Once you understand the key concepts like support and conformity and see how the materials differ, it’s easier to compare beds and see which ones are likely to be most comfortable for you.”

The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Most Comfortable Mattress is publicly available on the BedEd.org blog, and also includes links to additional resources on mattress types and brand comparisons for interested readers.

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