UMONITORING in America Launches to Keep the Homeland Safe

Launched to keep Americans secure with affordable monitoring systems, UMONITORING creates a personalized approach to having, and keeping, a bird’s eye view.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/29/2016 --With terrorist attacks on homeland soil and violence escalating nationwide, Americans have come to a crossroads. America's safety is now formally in question. Facing that fact head-on with a viable answer, a new company launches to put control back into the hands of the people. UMONITORING affordably provides 24/7 live surveillance for businesses and private citizens. Using real-time tactics proactively, the new monitoring company affordably makes staying safe an achievable reality.

Traditionally, existing stationary cameras in public places such as convention centers, shopping malls and airports only record activity. To increase security, UMONITORING will use those cameras to monitor and report any dangerous activity immediately to the authorities. It's a cost-effective solution that makes full use of cameras that usually do a nominal job on their own. Now costly surveillance equipment coupled with a dedicated UMONITORING staff keep a real-time watch on any location.

Michael Herman, President of UMONITORING said of the launch, "In this day and age with constantly changing tactics, technology and radicalization just having traditional monitoring is not enough. It solely relies on reviewing video recordings which is an after-the-fact tactic. What about now? Terrorism and other acts of violence could be stopped if someone were watching. Our UMONITORING specialists are that someone."

The company provides live monitoring as well as hidden camera technology, backup video recording and live video streaming. Their services are available based on the clients' specifications, either twelve hours a day or twenty-four.

Effective for business areas like offices, reception, cash counters and warehouses, UMONITORING can also keep a watchful eye on the home. Their surveillance systems are exceptional for baby care as well as for the elderly in an old age home. All live monitoring equipment is supplied through UMONITORING for a start to finish solution to security in these instances.

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UMONITORING is a company that provides surveillance services with live monitoring for businesses or independent clients.

Scott Walters