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Umubano Tours Launches Community Activities in Rwanda


Musanze, Rwanda -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/01/2014 --Umubano is a local tour operator based in Rwanda that focuses in Tailor Made Safaris to several countries in Eastern Africa which are Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Uganda.

What makes Umubano Tours outstanding is the emphasis placed on every client’s individual requirements, interests, timescale, and budget. Umubano Tours focuses on giving visitors an exceptional chance to appreciate the beauty and diversity of wild Africa surrounded in amazing luxury and style.

Umubano is a Rwandese name that means “cooperation,” whereby instead of working in competition for selfish gain, Umubano Tours brings groups together in order to work toward mutual benefit. Umubano Tours is owned by two brothers with a smaller share owned by other local members. The company can also be referred to as an intercultural expedition business as it has employed a team proficient tour guides and local guides in Rwanda, Uganda, DR Congo and Burundi.

Umubano Tours has engaged in Eco-Tourism and Community Development which it has openly participated in while active in the field of tourism and conservation. The company is exceptionally placed to offer its customers the opportunity to experience the Great Lakes Region Magic in a remarkable manner and to help them witness the difference in conservation and the livelihoods of the local people.

Apart from outstanding tour services, Umubano has been involved in a range of community activities around Gisenyi, Musanze and its surroundings. These activities have improved the living of the community and also have brought amusement and happiness within the community people. Some of these activities include:


Honey has been an important product in these communities as it has been used for a long time to cure a number of diseases and is used by the local witch doctors. There are number of bee keeping associations that produce beehives that are placed in swamps or forest areas that are rich in certain types of plants. The honey is still sold to the local people and the benefits are shared with the association people. This has created employment as well as a source of traditional medicine.

Traditional Beer Production

A traditional Rwandese brew commonly consumed across the country is Banana Beer. It is a six-day procedure from putting the bananas into the ground until they can be relished in the form of a pleasant glass of beer. Thousands of litres of this famous local specialty are produced everyday by hundreds of families across this country. Visitors get the chance to participate in the brewing process of a women’s association as they get to taste the sweet beer and purchase quality by-products such a mats and pumpkin carafes.

Family Home Stays

Most tourists are also interested in knowing more about the local people, the culture, and the lifestyle. There is no other better way of getting to know all these without having to get closer and interacting with the local people and also taking part in their day to day chores. Visitors can stay at a local hotel but Umubano Tours believes it is truly better to visit as a home stay guest for a few days with one of the many welcoming families within the community. This option is for the more adventurous and open-minded, as it is a valued experience highlighting how minor discomforts are far out-weighed by the benefits of unique and amazing experiences such as this.

Other community activities that we are involved include town, village and local market tours, traditional healing and medicine garden, a day trip to Lake Kivu, Musave Cave Exploration and a visit to Iby’iwacu Cultural Village. Each of these activities give Umubano Tour guests an unforgettable experience in beautiful Rwanda.

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