Launches Website to Change Bad Customer Service Status Quo

Endeavoring to motivate accountability for large corporations launches a new alternative to the review site. Quite literally giving a voice to the consumer’s complaint the review site doesn’t take silence for an answer.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/03/2014 --Upping the ante on the customer service practices of large corporations is launched to ease irritation with results. Exhausted by the bad customer service methods that are all too normal for mega brands worldwide the site offers a twofold remedy. With tenacity as their strong suit the UmVox team will take a complaint publicly posted on their site and contact the corporation at fault. Taking complaining to a fever pitch they will then stick with it until the matter is resolved.

Uninterested in placating corporations who typically pay off review sites with paid advertisements so that complaints will be shelved, the free resolution site has already garnered attention. Resolutions have been made all over the U.S. as well as Australia, Israel, England and South Africa. Jorge Perez, Co-founder of UmVox said of the launch, “We’re a small startup company which definitely makes this a David and Goliath type of operation. However, we’re also a team with a loud, persistent, determined voice. It’s time to change the way large corporations treat the consumer. We hope unbiased investors will agree and stand behind us in our mission.”

Taking the community’s voice seriously the UmVox team swings into gear. How so? Once a “Vox”, meaning “voice” in Latin, is posted the site’s team immediately contacts the at fault corporation with the complaint. When, and not if, the customer service department offers a resolution, the UmVox community member is contacted via the site’s user dashboard.

About UmVox
UmVox is a community-centric site that advocates for consumers who have a customer service complaint with large corporations. Doing all necessary footwork the UmVox team will find a resolution regardless of hinderances. UmVox is privately funded startup and seeks investors to further the company’s mission to change apathetic customer service practices in the marketplace.

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