UnBrokerage Introduces Identity Theft Insurance Employee Benefit Product

Employers can now offer their employees identity theft protection for far less than other services.


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/26/2017 --On the heels of Equifax's data breach potentially exposing nearly half of the American population to identity theft, Atlanta-based insurtech startup UnBrokerage has introduced an identity theft protection and recovery insurance product deliverable as an employee benefit. At only $15 per employee per year, companies who purchase this product are able to offer their employees protection and peace of mind for significantly less than popular services like LifeLock.

"The recent data breach from one of the three major credit reporting agencies is dominating headlines and rightfully so. Perhaps now more than ever, consumers are terrified of having their identity stolen. This unique product allows employers to add to their benefits offering by cost-effectively providing their employees with a crucial safety net against the threat of identity theft," explained UnBrokerage founder and chief executive officer Phillip Naples.

Some of the benefits of UnBrokerage's identity theft recovery product includes:

- $25,000 of Identity Theft Expense Reimbursement
- Unlimited Professional Identity Recovery Services from a Licensed Case Manager
- Credit Repair Expense Reimbursement
- Reimbursement of Associated Legal Costs
- Guaranteed Instant Approval with No Underwriting

More information about this unique offering including the ability to enroll is available on UnBrokerage's website at www.unbrokerage.com/identity-theft-insurance/.

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