Understanding Heaven's Time Clock: Documentary Launched on Indiegogo


Litchfield Park, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/12/2017 --A campaign to raise funds to cover the cost of a documentary which challenges biblical misconceptions has been launched on Indiegogo. The Calendar Story: Understanding Heaven's Time-Clock, will explore differences between the calendar we observe today and its origins, that was altered over 1,700 years ago, in Biblical times. Osmundo Thompson, co-founder and president of TruthTable Ministries, seeks to share the truth about the discrepancies in his in-depth, historical documentary, which is based on his research to date and his soon-to-be released book on the subject.

"This documentary will shed light on ancient secrets and could impact the teachings in schools, colleges, universities, and various religious sects," said Thompson. "It will also appeal to those interested in history and astronomy. I guarantee you will learn the truth about what you think you already know!"

Thompson believes that ancient manuscripts and vital information have been altered and misplaced over the years, resulting in a calendar that differs from the true biblical calendar. His documentary will:

- Examine who changed the calendar, when and why.

- Clarify misconceptions, such as those surrounding the dates of the death, burial, and resurrection of the Messiah.

- Bring clarity and debunk many myths surrounding the Mark of The Beast.

- Shed light on the dangers of mistranslation, for example worshipping on certain days and ignoring others.

- Connect missing pieces in Scripture.

- Help the world to understand the exact nature of a loving God and what He expects us to do.

The funds raised on Indiegogo will pay for equipment, book publishing, editing, talent and all costs associated with filming a high-quality documentary. For just $10, donors will receive a digital download of the The Calendar Story Book and special thanks during the end credits of the film. Other great perks are available.

Those interested in finding out more or making a donation to enable filming to commence can visit the Indiegogo crowdfunding page here: Filming is due to commence in July 2017 and the campaign has roughly one month left to run.

About Osmundo Thompson
Osmundo is a retired US Army Gulf War Veteran. In the military, his primary function was property management, distribution, business, and logistics, in which he was constantly investigating the cause of lost and damaged property.

Now being a licensed minister of the Gospel, for the past 15 years, he has implemented his military training where it counts the most: Biblical research and investigative studies. Teaching Biblical truth from the original Hebraic perspective, without any religiosity or man-made traditions, in documentary form, has become his number one passion. He is an avid reader, studier, and researcher; enjoying the God-given task of teaching others how to study and find the truth for themselves.

Osmundo is the co-founder of TruthTable Ministries, Inc, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.