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Understanding Where Bed Bugs Come from Is Important

It's a question that is in most people's minds. However, bed bugs can be found anywhere as long as it's habitable to them. They feed on blood only and are from the cimicid insect class.


Purcellville, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/10/2015 --Previously bed bugs were associated with uncleanliness. However, Environmental Heat Solutions warns that today they have become a menace all over the world. So, where do they come from? Here is an insight.

Increased Traveling

In the recent years, the United States has experienced a huge increase of bed bugs; this is associated with the increased rate of travel. A parasite cannot be detected while traveling, making it easier for them to hide in between clothes. Once arriving home and unpacking, they easily get themselves comfortable. Within a short period, they can reproduce massively. Hotel and motels are the easiest way to acquire them. It's advisable to travel with sprays to control them. Also, besides using the machine to clean the clothes once home, ensure that a higher temperature than normal is used as the regular temperature may not get rid of them.


Infestation can come from anyone. From an individual state, as a result of friends' visiting and the like, unfortunately, it may take time before realizing the house has been attacked by them. By the time one discovers that they are in the house already they may have infested totally. In a case of low infestation, it would be more challenging to notice and may take time. While treating the house, most people will mistake carpet beetle with the bed bug; it is, therefore, wise to make sure you're using the appropriate treatment.

Buying Second Hand Item

Second-hand items are also one of the easiest ways to get them. Most people dispose of the affected bedding and clothes instead of treating them. While is purchasing such items, one is required first to clean them thoroughly immediately after getting home. In addition to that avoiding second-hand furniture as it easily brings bed bugs is advisable. Therefore, it's wise to treat them before bringing them to the house. This reduces the risks of infestations.

There are many ways of acquiring bedbugs; always be cautious of them and in case there is a sign of them act with immediate effect. This will reduce their effect or even get rid of them completely.

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