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Underwater Sensors from Positek Prove to Withstand Submersion Up to 3500 Metres


Andoversford, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/02/2018 --Positek Limited has paved the way for better durability and performance in sensor technology, particularly with its unique patented inductive technology. But another one of Positek's achievements is its submersible tilt sensor, which can perform to up to a depth of 3500 metres.

Submersible or underwater sensors have taken the world of sensor technology by storm, and they have proven their inherent usefulness in various applications. Positek knows and understands the usefulness and benefits of submersible sensors all too well as it has been manufacturing its own range for years.

As Positek attests, "While our subsea sensors can withstand long-term submersion at depths of up to 3500m, they are also well suited for use in any other harsh environment where equipment is likely to be exposed to water or non-corrosive liquid."

Positek makes use of its own, highly advanced patented technology, which is contactless, making the sensor a lot more robust and durable. This also means that the sensor can perform and operate without any depreciation or interference in every application. Positek further adds, "Over the years, our tilt sensors have been used in AUV autonomous underwater vehicles and on submarines. Whether you're looking for a marine sensor, ship inclinometer, or any other kind of waterproof inclinometer sensor, we have several standard and custom options available to suit."

Positek confirms that its tilt sensor can withstand a 3500-meter depth, which makes it further suitable for use in the deepest undersea environments. The tilt sensors from Positek are already built and designed to perform in the harshest and most extreme environments, and this includes environments such as construction sites and areas, military environments, farming areas, and airborne environments. But with the confirmation that its tilt sensors can work up to depths of 3500 metres, more customers are able to make use of Positek's advanced technology.

Positek says more about its tilt sensors: "This device is reliable, even in the most risky and harsh environments and is built to last. Whatever type of environment it will be utilised in, whether in calm conditions or harsh ones, there are various types of tilt sensor that will suit various types of environment, it can even work in environments under extreme temperature and can withstand pressure and shock." Tilt sensors, according to Positek, can be used in mining areas as well as utility vehicles, and the technology can even be utilised in video gaming.

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Positek Limited manufactures a wide range of transducers and sensors for clients in the UK and beyond, and its range of products include linear position sensors, tilt angle sensors, rotary position sensors, submersible sensors, and more. To know more about its tilt sensor technology and selection, visit the Positek website.