Undisputed Expat Tax Services Leader Bright!Tax Dominates 2017 Global FEM Awards

The 2017 FEM EMMA awards season wrapped up with the EMEA EMMAs at London’s O2 Intercontinental Hotel last week.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/14/2017 --The London event followed the APAC EMMAs at the Hong Kong Harbour Grand Hotel in September, and the the Americas EMMAs at the Denver Marriot in May.

Bright!Tax US expat tax services has been a stand out winner across all 3 events this year, recording an unprecedented 4 accolades.

In Denver, Bright!Tax was named Tax Provider of the Year 2017 for the Americas region, as well as runner up in the Innovation in Banking and Financial Services behind HSBC.

In Hong Kong, Bright!Tax was again named Tax Provider of the Year, this time for the Asia Pacific region, coming in ahead of Big 4 behemoth EY.

Finally, in London Bright!Tax was named runner up Tax Provider of the Year, narrowly missing a global clean sweep in this category.

Bright!Tax has achieved dominance over other expat tax service providers this year by combining an innovative work model designed for ease of client experience with a number of ground-breaking technological innovations that also help making filing taxes from overseas easier.

These innovations include a proprietary secure online client organizer that lets clients easily enter their information and carry forward details from year to year, and a mobile app that allows clients to interact with their CPA and securely scan and upload their tax documents from their phone or tablet.

Bright!Tax's success is based on a firm-wide focus on exceeding clients' expectations. One Bright!Tax client recently summed up their experience as: "Excellent - pure professionalism!", while another commented: "Really user friendly. I recommend Bright!Tax to all expats in Canada".

Bright!Tax has quickly risen from being a small fish to being an industry leader with a global footprint, now with clients in over 190 countries, nearly every country on earth.

Greg Dewald, Bright!Tax founder and CEO, said: "It's been a year of stunning innovation and growth for us, and I'm thrilled with the recognition we've received from our peers at FEM with the awards that we've won. Having clients all over the world, we've created innovative solutions to bridge the geographical divide, allowing our clients to file their taxes from anywhere with the minimum of fuss or hassle".

Dewald continued: "Our CPAs are highly-qualified expat specialists who are also personable and attentive. Combined with our technological advantage, they have given us a winning edge".