Unicol Releases Range of True Led Display Solutions for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use

When it comes to display structures, Unicol has proven to be one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers. And now, with LED displays suitable for indoor and outdoor use, clients have more choices than ever.


Oxford, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/21/2016 --More and more businesses today are opting to have video wall displays installed in their premises and used for special events and occasions. Unicol knows this full well, being one of the leading players when it comes to displays and mounting solutions in the UK for many years. But amongst Unicol's many products, its LED display systems are truly in a class of their own.

As Unicol itself states, "Unicol sees LED overtaking back lit LCDs for indoor video walls in the next 5 years or sooner. LEDs are also brighter, easier to install and outdoor capable, even the price point for higher resolution panels is coming down."

Unicol definitely sees the wave of the future and strives to pave the way for its customers by providing them exactly with what they need in regards to truly advanced LED displays. What's more, the LED display systems offered by Unicol are for 'true' LED displays in every sense of the word – the displays are not merely LCD displays back lit by LED lighting – and what Unicol offers are true tile module LED displays, which are not only brighter and bolder, but can be used outdoors as well.

The LED display mounting structures offered by Unicol are, in the company's own words, "bespoke solutions for free-standing, floor to wall and ceiling suspension." These LED displays have already been used by companies in the corporate sector as well as retail and public sectors in order to showcase dynamic, interactive information to customers.

Furthermore, LED displays from Unicol can be configured to between 8 metres by 3 metres or even larger, and can also be designed in various formats, including normal screen formats, extended portrait formats, and stretched landscape formats. These mounting structures are all purpose-designed as well as manufactured precisely according to the requirements of the clients. They can also be easily assembled on-site, and are maintenance- and installer-friendly as well.

Aside from standard LED display mounting structures, Unicol also offers rolling LED display mounting structures which can be easily moved to gain access to media players, cables, and the like, or moved from in front of shop windows or lobby areas.

About Unicol
Unicol is an established designer and manufacturer of mounting solutions for TVs, large format LED displays, and projectors.

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