Unicol's Dedicated Range of TV Mounts Ideal for a Variety of TV Makes and Models

At Unicol, the emphasis is on quality and customer satisfaction. And with its superior range of TV mounts, including its ‘dedicated wall mount’ selection, Unicol does not disappoint.


Oxford, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/21/2016 --Unicol is proud to say that it is the largest AV mount designer and manufacturer in the United Kingdom. The company has produced a broad number of mounting solutions ranging from single column trolleys to floor, ceiling, and wall-mounting solutions for TVs, LCD displays, and projectors. Unicol describes its products in more detail: "Modular interchangeability combined with neat appearance is the theme running through all the product ranges with emphasis on safety and ease of installation being paramount."

Through the years, Unicol has produced an impressive range of products. But there is one product selection which has become increasingly popular in recent times: its 'dedicated' range of TV mounts. Although Unicol offers thin range, small range, and universal range of TV mounts, its dedicated range stands out in many ways. And what makes the dedicated range absolutely unique is the fact that it has been specifically created and designed to be suitable to various types of TV makes and models. As Unicol itself says, "Xactmatch mounts take all the guesswork out of ordering and installing screen mounts whatever the make or model and whether stand, trolley, wall, or ceiling-fixed. Our range covers all popular makers of TV displays and is available in landscape or portrait versions."

Another aspect which makes Unicol's dedicated range special is that it allows for cooling vent positions and cable entry. Additionally, this dedicated range includes correct screen fixings, adding to the ease of installation and the clients' viewing pleasure. Every screen model has been designed and tested in the factory, so customers are doubly assured of their efficiency, practicality, and durability.

Customers can choose from slim line flat mounts in a landscape style, with PLX1 screens of up to 70 inches and 80 kilograms. Another option for the slim line flat mount in a landscape style is the one for PLX3 screens from 71 inches to 110 inches, and up to 150 kilograms.

The slim line flat mount is also available in a portrait style, accommodating PPX1 screens of up to 70 inches and 80 kilograms. Other options include tilting mounts in landscape and portrait styles, accommodating PLW1 and PLW3 screens from 70 inches to as much as 90 inches, with weights of up to 150 kilograms.

About Unicol
Unicol is a renowned designer and manufacturer of mounting solutions for TVs, large format displays, and projectors.

For more on its TV wall mount range, visit the company website.