Unimaginable Intelligent Hotels with Huahui Hotel Robot Solutions

Huahui Robots Take Care from Front Desk Reception to Room Delivery Services


GuangZhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/25/2018 --Huahui Information Technology Co., Ltd, a high-tech company dedicated to smart products, hotel robot solutions and services, announced its inclusive solutions to address a problem faced by the hoteling business, the lack of high-quality hospitality service due to the decreasing number of competent employees. Their hotel robot solutions can help take care of the complete process of client-tendering services from front desk reception to room delivery with significantly lowered human resources cost and enhanced efficiency.

Hotel Welcome Robot HWR01 is one of the intelligent robots from Huahui. HWR01 can greet guests at the front desk, with its wide-angle camera in front and rear with HD face recognition. It always follows the human face with its flexible head rotation. Also, it can lead the way for customers flexibly and avoid the obstacle in the hotel automatically through its laser radar and ultrasonic mapping technology. Another highlight is its interactive voice response so guests can interact with it smoothly.

The hotel service robots from Huahui perform more functions than just greeting guests at front desk. Delivery Robot DR01 is a service robot designed for hotel to transfer small items such as towels, toothbrush and snacks. When the system receives room service orders, the DR01 is able to navigate the route all the way to customers' room accurately and use elevators through IoT platform, delivering not only supplies but also fun to customers. Not to mention the features of accepting the customers' instructions with a smile and recharging automatically.

Besides the state-of-the-art robots above, cleaning is just another piece of cake. Outdoor and Indoor Cleaning Robot CR02 from Huahui is the first ever automatic vacuum cleaner to put a stop to incomplete cleaning once and for all. Equipped with a special brush head, the CR02 can take care of dirt, dust, and hair on any corner and surface. With an innovative smart sensor, the CR02 can smartly avoid obstacles with ease and cover more floor in one go which could mean a substantial cost reduction for your hotel.

The design of traditional hotels can no longer address changing market demands and high labor costs, so many hotels try to incorporate smart robots. Companies such as Intercontinental, Westin, Sheraton, Renaissance, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Happy Castle, Shangri-La and so on have embraced Huahui' s hotel robot solutions. They discover that it possesses huge beneficial for not only improving revenues and reducing costs but also enhancing customer experience.

About Huahui
Guangzhou Huahui Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to developing smart products and providing intelligent hotel solution since its establishment in 2012. They have successfully put a series of hotel robots including welcome robot, delivery robot, and cleaning robot which have been hired by more than 400 brand hotels and office buildings. Learn more by visiting www.huahuico.com