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Piscataway, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/01/2024 --Businesses understand the benefits of having a canopy on their building, from offering protection from the weather for customers, to using them as branding opportunities with custom logos and coloring. But most canopies are generic and typically only have color to differentiate the few different shapes that are used. At MASA Architectural Canopies they can do custom canopies that really help stand out from the rest. It might be using custom support poles or beams, or it could be a unique structure turned into a canopy. They turn dreams into reality. Contact them today to get started with a custom canopy.

A canopy is an important architectural element. It can either reflect or contrast with the building's overall design and style – blending in or standing out, but visually interesting in either case. But the more interesting the custom canopy is, the more iconic the building and business may become. Many canopies are simple, straight pieces covering an entryway, but what if this was changed into an upside down V? What if the face of that was then covered and colored to make it look like a mountain peak? It still provides the usual features of a canopy, but the custom design and coloring makes it stand out and grab attention.

Sometimes a canopy can still be relatively normal or common, but a business wants to use it as a mount to display something that is integral to the business, such as a motorcycle. Adding features to the standard canopies can transform them into custom works that both attract attention as well as letting people know what the business or organization is about.

Sometimes an organization might want to take an existing object and make it their custom canopy. An outdoor adventure retailer may want to use a pair of canoes, as an example, or an auto museum may want to mount a vehicle as a custom canopy. Custom canopies really can be nearly anything that can be envisioned, and their design team can work with them to develop the right support structure for what they have in mind.

Custom canopies are a great way to hit the usual benefits of a canopy with the added bonus of standing out to everyone who sees it. It might even become a feature that gets them more attention than planned because it is so unique. MASA Architectural Canopies has more than 20 years of helping to transform buildings with custom canopies of all kinds. Contact them today to talk with their designers about the custom canopy vision.

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