Unique Icarus Lighter Shakes Up Electric Lighter Industry

The technology at the heart of the Icarus Lighter claims to ignite almost anything without flames, without fuel and without fumes.


Sheridan, WY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/31/2016 --Recent technological advances have led to a new kind of lighter. Currently named the "Icarus Lighter", these lighters ignite any material without fuel, flame or fumes.

"There hasn't been any innovation in the lighter space since Zippo," said Chris Evans, communications manager for Icarus Lighters. "We've set out to change that."

The Icarus Lighter harnesses a scientific phenomenon known as electric arcing. The discharge between electrodes ionizes gas in the air, forming a visible plasma discharge. This arc triggers combustion.

While electric arcing is a relatively new addition to lighters, electric lighters aren't a new phenomenon. Previous businesses designed lighters around heating coils, but they were rarely practical. Users often complained of short battery life and weak ignition strength.

According to Evans, the new Icarus Lighter overcomes these limitations. It uses a specific type of battery that can spark up to 250 times before recharging. And the electric arcing has the same ignition strength as an open flame.

"This lighter is windproof, eco-friendly, safe and durable," said Evans. "Plus you can recharge it via USB. The Icarus Lighter is the last one you ever have to get."

Industry leaders in the lighter space have taken notice. Several lighter brands are considering an expansion of their product lines into the burgeoning electric lighter space. The technology at the heart of the Icarus Lighter may increase what's already a $3 Billion dollar industry.

For more information visit http://www.icaruslighters.com.

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