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Unique Training Program Launched in New Mexico to Help Abused Horses Find Healing and Homes

The Chance For A Lifetime - a Collaborative Program to Help Abused Horses


Aztec, NM -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/27/2018 --Four Corners Equine Rescue (FCER) and Heart of the Horses Sanctuary (HOHS) have joined together to launch The Chance For a Lifetime®, a program that provides special care and training for rescued equines.

Horses subjected to severe abuse and neglect must not only overcome physical ailments, but also their mental scars—the emotional wounds that are more difficult to address and treat. Designed for horses that have been through the worst humans have to offer, The Chance For a Lifetime program provides these special needs horses with the space to heal, the time to develop trust, and the ability to partner with humans again.

FCER rescues equines from a variety of situations, including animals seized from animal cruelty and neglect cases, horse auctions, and owner surrenders. They often take horses that other rescues are unwilling or unable to take. The goal for every equine in FCER's care is placement in a loving home. Before a "new beginning" can take place, it's often necessary to convince these horses to give humans another chance, which is why The Chance For a Lifetime training program is needed for full rehabilitation, and ultimately, successful adoptions.

Rescue horses slated for the program will receive on-site training at HOHS by esteemed trainers, Erica Hess and Joost Lammers. The foundation for their approach is compassion and patience, emphasizing the needs of the horses through relationship building. Their skills are formed from many years of training, observing and being mentored in the realms of 'horsemanship', liberty work, and dressage by some of the best the world has to offer. In this environment, even the most abused animals have a chance to heal and grow to their full potential.

"I have searched and searched for someone who would understand our severely abused horses and work with them the way the horses need to," said Debbie Coburn, Founder of Four Corners Equine Rescue. "Finally - Erica and Joost! Taking in broken souls and mending them, getting them ready to face life unafraid. It doesn't get any better than this – this program truly is their chance FOR a lifetime."

For more information, contact:
Debbie Coburn, Founder of Four Corners Equine Rescue

Erica Hess or Joost Lammers, Co-Founders of Heart of the Horses Sanctuary

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