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United Sales Resources to Hold a Five Fundamentals of Effective Sales Management Workshop

An industry leader in helping companies win and grow new business is slated to hold a unique sales management workshop this spring.


Gaithersburg, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/10/2016 --United Sales Resources (USR) announced that it will hold a public workshop called the "Five Fundamentals of Effective Sales Management" on May 5, 2016.

The sales management-training workshop will enable sales managers to build and maintain successful, winning sales teams. It will take place at the company's new location: 9841 Washingtonian Blvd. Suite 200, Gaithersburg, MD 20878.

Matt McDarby, President of USR, explained that by the end of this program, a sales manager will be focused on providing clarity for sales people, coaching and improving their skills, and adding value to their accounts and opportunities.

McDarby also notes that USR addresses issues related to sales process and methodology, sales management practices, lead and pipeline management, forecasting, structure, segmentation, compensation and behavior change. Those who utilize USR's expertise learn to apply the same methods and strategies that members of the USR team have used while working with some of the world's greatest sales organizations, including IBM and Xerox.

The Five Fundamentals of Effective Sales Management public workshop, according to McDarby, focuses on five distinct and critical management activities: careful alignment with the company's go-to-market strategy, deliberate focus on early stage pipeline opportunities, dedication to coaching, a committed approach to account growth, and a rigorously adhered to operating rhythm.

An expert sales performance coach facilitates the workshop to help the participants learn these five fundamentals of sales management:

1. Steps to align performance of your sales team, to your organization's Go-To-Market Strategy.
2. How to improve win-rates through focus on early-stage opportunity development.
3. Insight on how to gain the trust of your sales team and achieve Coaching Excellence.
4. How to improve loyalty and growth in customer relationships.
5. How to build a deliberate operating rhythm for creating value for customers and for your team.

USR is different in the market, as the company has outstanding diagnosticians who can zero in on unrecognized problems, unseen opportunities, or new and different ways to achieve its clients' desired outcomes. "We are methodology-agnostic, and we don't force our customers to use our language," McDarby said. "Instead, we will adapt to theirs, and at times, help them improve or clarify the sales language that they speak if it will facilitate better outcomes."

For more information, please visit: The Five Fundamentals of Effective Sales Management Website

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United Sales Resources (USR) is a sales leadership development firm that supports clients in their efforts to win new business. We pride ourselves in being agile and outcome-focused. Our approach gives our clients a more flexible and tailored action plan as we work together to improve sales performance, identify opportunities for growth, and achieve goals.