Compassion Can’t Wait

Unprecedented CompassionCan' Social Media Campaign Set to Change the Lives of Single Parents with Sick Children


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/25/2018 --Over 25 million eyes are on Compassion Can't Wait as celebrities, athletes, musicians, actors, and influencers are flooding their own social media accounts speaking of their mission in their own voices. Their goal is to recruit their own followers to raise money for (@CompassionCantWait), by posting across their social media platforms. This foundation doesn't give advice; they help financially in 24 hours to pay mortgages, car repairs, insurance, and utility bills when families have run out of all resources or places to turn to. Having been active since 1998, they have quietly given away over 8 million dollars to 13,000 single-parent families in urgent need of financial help.

To celebrate the Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation's 20th anniversary, they formally recognize the mission that has been implemented in the last two decades by changing their name to reflect the work:

"When single-parent families with a child facing a life treating illness are in financial despair Compassion Can't Wait. We help in 24 hours with critical expenses, and this allows parents to remain by their child's bedside."

Compassion Can't Wait doesn't claim to save children's lives, only to soften a journey most don't wish to think about. Their ultimate purpose is to ensure that a parent can stay by the bedside of their critically ill child by freeing them up financially. Now they need and are reaching out for public support. As of September, they have mounted a campaign with the help of 50 social media celebrities who are wearing the urban vibe t-shirts that brands the campaign. Celebrities like Kat Graham, Russell Simmons, Frances Fisher, are among the dozens that have lent their heartfelt voices on their under one-minute videos that alert their multi-million followers as they post on their own sites. This is the essence of the campaign, and the organizers are hoping that it moves those who are already aware of the difficult and tenuous plight of single parents.

Valerie Sobel, the organization founder said, "If you donate, you will join the generosity of others, and it will matter! As we are the channel of paying forward, getting your gifts into the neediest hands with URGENCY!"

On behalf of Valerie von Sobel (@valerie_von_sobel) and everyone at, all are invited to be a part of an unprecedented social media campaign that will change the lives of single parents with catastrophically ill children all over America. Please join the movement and click here to donate now, so that the organization may continue to help in 24 hours because Compassion Can't Wait.

A big thank you to all members of the press, reporters, bloggers, and journalists who see fit to magnify the social media fundraiser through print, radio or any outlets.

About Compassion Can't Wait
Compassion Can't Wait helps single-parent families with urgent expenses to allow caregivers to stay at their child's bedside during catastrophic illness.

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Erica Cabo: 407-219-6716

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