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Unprecedented Worldwide Book Collaboration for Charity "The Trip That Changed My Life" Now Available for Pre-Order

All Funds Raised from Captivating New Book Donated to Reputable Charities Benefiting Children


Seattle, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/13/2016 --People go on life-changing trips all the time, whether it was the impact of the historical sights they saw, the friendliness of the people they met, the cultural differences they learned from, or even the delicious delicacies they ate for the first time. For Hung Thai, the trip that changed his life was in Peru. Seeing the destitution of families, including the little girl who gratefully gobbled up the granola bar he gave her instead of deciding to throw it away, made an impact that lasted forever. Stories like Thai's, from more than 50 travel writers from around the world, comprise the new book, The Trip that Changed My Life.

The charitable leanings that inspired the global project continue to fuel its mission, as all funds raised will be donated to nonprofit organizations. Those who sign up for notifications on the book's release at the project's Indiegogo page will receive 10 percent off the price of the book, which will be available in e-book, paperback, and coffee table book format. Various sponsorship levels in the campaign give contributors rewards ranging from book mentions to video endorsements, to blog posts featuring sponsor companies.

Thai, founder of travel blog Up Up and a Bear, has been traveling the world extensively for the past five years and has a passion for interviewing adventurers about their journeys. He recruited top writers, editors, and ambassadors to contribute to the book, which contains anecdotes ranging from stories about volunteering during a political coup in Africa to navigating the Sahara desert.

"Travel, for me and so many others, is such a powerfully transformative way to impact positive life change," says Thai. "The team hopes The Trip that Changed My Life inspires readers to take their own journeys of self-discovery by exploring the world's wonders and meeting the people who inhabit them."

All proceeds from the book will benefit Unbound and Save the Children. Unbound is the only child sponsorship program to receive a score of A+ from CharityWatch. Save the Children works with children in 120 countries, aiding in initiatives on nutrition, health, education and more.

Learn all about The Trip that Changed My Life at www.upupandabear.com/project-alpha. Stay up to date on notifications on the book release at www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-trip-that-changed-my-life-book-for-charity/coming_soon. Contact Thai for more information at ht@upupandabear.com.

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The Up Up and a Bear team believes travel is the best education anyone can receive. Founder Hung Thai works as an engineer but is passionate about touring places far and wide in hopes of learning more about those who are different than him, and more about himself. He founded Up Up and a Bear to share travel insights with readers, and the team of six regular contributors presents unique tips and tidbits taken from travel experiences from around the world.

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