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Update for Digital Info Security 2017


Arvada, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/03/2017 --Update for Digital Info Security Co/DISC/Digital 7 (OTCPink:DGIF) Inc for Start of New year 2017. This past year was full of many accomplishments that prepare us for a successful 2017.

1) A 1 for 40 share reverse was accomplished. This was very important since in the current regulated financial markets the price of shares need to be at least $1 to $2 a share for Stock brokers to freely trade DGIF shares. We needed to do this reverse to have any hope of getting to that price or better in the near future. We are also now current in our reporting for OTC pink compliance.

2) Merger with Digital 7 and Acquisition of Data Source. With these acquisitions Digital now has revenue and can justify better share prices and is able to raise the funds needed to grow. Data Source business is with the government and is cash intensive and that is why they merged with us at Digital. DSI was founded in 2002 to provide data preservation, protection and efficient user access for legacy tape and optical data storage media. DSI offers systems and services for tape and disk data migration, duplication, and backup for these older media types. Data Source's focus has always been the preservation of electronic data and over the past 12 years has expanded its portfolio to include a complement of services including data center equipment shut down/removal and excess equipment purchasing. These services and other products have been purchased by several DOD/ US Air Force agencies with great success and future purchases are in process.

3) Keys that are in place for the rapid growth in the business in already being accomplished including: a) already delivering products and services, b) invoicing for those products and services and c) getting paid for the invoices that have been sent out. We also have the software and systems in place to grow.

4) After the share reverse of 40-1 the stock symbol was changed to DGIFD. As of January 31st 2017 it has changed back to DGIF.

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Digital Info Security Co/Digital 7 Inc (DGIFD) with its acquisition of Data Source Inc (a fully owned subsidiary of DGIF) is a data management company that specializes in Legacy Data and the conversion and management of that Data.

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