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Upper West Side Restaurant the Kasbah Restaurant Introduces Grilled Meats on Garlic Subs Selection


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/01/2019 --The upper west side in New York City is a hive of activity, and it's teeming with all kinds of restaurants that are sure to satisfy anyone's most diverse cravings. But while the Kasbah Grill is one of the many dining places in the area, it distinguishes itself with its great selection of dishes. And now, the selection at the Grill includes grilled meats on garlic subs – indeed an excellent option for those looking for the best meals in New York.

The Kasbah Grill has been a long-standing dining establishment in NYC, and it has retained its share of patrons and regulars for years. The Grill features a broad selection of food choices, including the ever popular (and always satisfying) Black Angus steaks as well as ribs, and an entire collection of sushi rolls, tempura rolls, and chef's special rolls.

The restaurant offers true kosher food in the heart of the city, and it has gained a solid reputation as one of the most authentic restaurants that offer real kosher delights. Among its other specialties, customers can choose from deli sandwiches as well as gourmet wraps and pair them with an array of salads, soups, and appetizers.

Today, the Kasbah is proud to introduce an even better menu with the addition of its grilled meats on garlic subs served with a side dish. A typical order includes baked potato or baked sweet potato, French fries, mashed potatoes, and even basmati rice. One of the best-sellers on the list is the grilled chicken steak with pastrami and caramelized onions, with the meat marinated in the customer's choice of barbecue mayo-basil sauce or honey-mustard sauce. Another best-seller is the 'Zohara schnitzel', breaded, juicy chicken breast with caramelized onions and honey mustard turkey (smoked), and customers can also go for the Cajun chicken submarine sandwich, the grilled barbecue roast beef sandwich, or the grilled French roasted pastrami sandwich.

Other delights include smoked and marinated turkey sandwiches, grilled barbecue corned beef (homemade), and grilled sliced and pickled tongue. All sandwiches are served with the customers' choice of sides, and customers can also opt for grilled steak sandwiches that include Philly steak, charcoal rib-eye steak, and bistro fillet steak.

About Kasbah Grill
New York's Kasbah Grill has been a popular eatery for upper west side habitués for years, and it specializes in some of the widest arrays of dishes in the city, with offerings such as grilled meats (including ribs and Black Angus steaks), sushi platters and rolls, deli sandwiches, gourmet wraps, salads, and more. The restaurant serves authentic kosher food and has retained its standing as one of the most popular Upper west side restaurants. For more on the Kasbah Grill, visit the website.