UpRightNOW Posture Course Provides Pain-Free Solutions


Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/05/2017 --UpRightNOW is an innovative new training program that teaches adults and children how to inhabit their bodies with the same natural strength and ease of movement that toddlers discover. Not yet the victims of bad habits or injuries, toddlers throughout the world hold the key to alleviating many common aches and pains that result from non-conformance to the natural human design.

Video tutorials will demonstrate how to apply natural body mechanics and movements to many common daily activities—bending to tie shoes, sitting at a computer, lifting a heavy box, running a race, even best positions for sleeping. Due to a growing reliance on car seats, strollers, poorly designed furniture, too much time spent sitting and such, structural collapse has become the "new normal," resulting in a host of pain problems and injuries in adults and children.

Until recently, this understanding was overlooked in our part of the world where the focus is almost solely on muscles—we strengthen them if they are weak, and stretch them if they are "tight,"—while ignoring the role of an aligned skeleton (half of the musculoskeletal system) in determining whether those muscles are naturally elastic vs. tight or weak.

The primary program is designed for adults, who will also be coached in how to teach this to children. "Children are fascinated by how their bodies work, and they love being invited to discover what goes on inside their own skin," says Kathleen Porter, creator of UpRightNOW, who has taught this to children in elementary school classrooms for over twenty years. She now wants to make this information available to anyone who wants to learn this, wherever in the world they happen to be.

UpRightNOW launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo on June 30 to fund production and distribution of the program. 35% of the 25,000 funding goal was reached in the first several days. Any additional funds collected will be used to expand the children's aspect of the program to include animated videos, a comic book, and teacher guides.

A variety of unique "perks" are available for different levels of support, including lifetime access to the program itself, that is featured a greatly reduced price during the campaign. Porter and her team plan to have the course ready to distribute in early 2018.